Friday, February 17, 2012

faves for friday

Too bad this was the fiancés fortune & not mine...

I ended up ordering these blue, leather, pink babies that I talked about in this post. Couldn't help it, perfect  for rainy days! 

& these neon tipped babies from Old Navy are calling my name... I am trying my hardest to resist. **Update** fiancé saw this up on my computer & ordered them for me-- ladies and gentleman, a keeper! 

Loving my new nail polish rack from esty!
Would love to add this NailEZEE "Strike it Gold" to that rack!

I am loving my new arm candy from Valentine's Day, but had to add this studded bracelet to the collection from Madewell {don't tell the fiancé!}

These earrings are too cute from etsy.

& these arrow bracelets are amazing! from odetteny.

New birch box =)

 I am obsessed with these new glasses from bonlook, it is like they have read my mind for the glasses I have been looking for. 

 This iPhone case may be my next! {society6}

This bag is so cute from Vantage Point Vintage

& this concludes my faves for friday, 
too many cute things, not enough cash! 


Jess {The In-Between} said...

I love society 6...especially their iphone covers. Good job on the LL bean shoes. I think they are very muuch necessary. Happy weekend!

emmabasilone said...

I think so! An easy alternative to bulky rain boots {until I bite the bullet & order hunters...}