Friday, September 9, 2011

.....nobody likes you when you are 23....

It is my birthday today!! 
{my 23rd to be exact}
My fiance keeps saying the lyrics from Blink 182 "nobody likes you when you are 23"... meany 
{but he is also 23 so maybe he has experience? He says it's true}

Instead of listening to that song today, {and yesterday since it has been stuck in my head...}, I will be constantly listening to:
Birthday by the Beatles, of course 

Birthday Sex by 


This song gets stuck in your head... seriously.

do not try this at home.

& I will be eating:

 My fiance made me cupcakes last night while I was working =) 
My favorite kind too, yellow cake, chocolate icing & dot sprinkles!
He is the best <3
This was his first time making cupcakes I think so they look delicious right!?!?
Ate one for breakfast =)

We are going to dinner tonight to a restaurant I have been wanting to try in Princeton. 
Can't wait for a nice relaxing date. 

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Mary and Dyer said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day. I also think that dot sprinkles are the best!! Yum!!

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