Wednesday, September 7, 2011

behind the.... Warby Parker's?!?!

So, it is true I am obsessed with eyeglasses. 
I have been curious about the Warby Parker brand for some time now. 
Saw them first on kendieveryday <3 that blog!
learn more from video below-- it is hilarious: 

I finally caved and decided to do their "no risk" try at home program!
& they arrived yesterday =) 

indeed... in the next 5 days it is also my birthday
{aka my favorite day of the whole year...}

So here goes:
Pair 1: Colton

Pair 2: Thatcher

Pair 3: Miles

Pair 4: Tenley

Pair 5: Sinclair

What do you guys think?! I am posting a poll on the side bar, please vote and let me know what you think!

I am also ordering a second batch of home-try-ons 
{indecisive I know, I know...}
These are my additions for the next bunch:


I had to add these to the list due to this picture on their website:
I am easily influenced... I know... but she is adorable in these! 




I think I am going to include number 3 & 5 from the first trial {above} because I think I like those the best so far---
 but then again-- that is 6 pairs and the limit is 5... 
I stink at this...--
please help me out and leave your opinions in the poll on the right =)

Bottom line: how cute are these?!?! 
Check them out for yourself at Warby Parker.

They are only $95 dollars for frames & LENSES {anti-reflective ones at that!!!} 
{if you wear Rx glasses-- you get where I am coming from}
You would be shocked how much I have spent on my glasses

& best part of all:
doesn't get better =)


Megan Ray said...

The Sinclairs fit your face perfectly! I had them in my trial kit but they did not fit me as well as they do you! I ended up going with the Beckett! Surprisingly adorable if you like a more square look. Almost same basic size as the Sinclairs. Hope that helps! :)
all are adorable though!

Fash Boulevard said...

omg. the orange pair are beyond adorable. by far my fave. great post doll. I've got a new outfit post. would love to hear what you think. thanks love. xoxo

oomph. said...

love the 3rd one, for sure. never heard of this brand, but i like their selection. i don't wear glasses, but always wanted too! i wear clear ones sometimes :)

(has anyone else mentioned that they are unable to see your text? maybe it's just my computers....haven't been able to read for a while now. entire page is black. if i hilight the whole page, then i'm able to see what is written.)

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oomph. said...

YAY, much better....i can read!

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