Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ate my way through Eataly

I have heard wonderful things about this Eataly place in NYC  
& I finally got to go with the fiancé on Sunday following our Warby Parker adventure!

Here are some pics:
Some bubbly =) 

We pretty much went here because my dad said,
 "You NEED to go there & get the pizza, it is just like Italy"
He would know. He was born there.
He was sooooo right!
Seriously. Just look at it. 
True story. Or the pizza at least.

On a different note, I have to share this ring with you:
LOVE this claw 2 finger ring I got it from Devorelebeaumonstre's store = creepy & amazing.
& this is the pattern of my favorite skirt I talked about 

Bye, Bye
New York, New York
Until next time {hopefully soon!}


two birds said...

yum! that pizza looks so delicious. i wish i were in new york right now. or italy! oh, and that ring is amazing! i love it.

No Guilt Fashion said...

Now I'm craving some pizza. I'm your bracelet swap partner, and I'm just browsing your blog for inspiration. LOVE that claw ring.