Tuesday, September 6, 2011

drum roll please--- Apartment Post

I have been leading on anyone who reads this blog by saying I am going to do an apartment post of my new place... well the time has come! 
{a special thanks to Hurricane Irene for making us stuck inside for 2 days so my fiancé & I had to clean- nothing like cabin fever- & I got him to take the pics finally}

It all started as this:
Shopping for my apartment & filling up my parents garage.
Check out our new digs:
I am really proud of this place, so be prepared for a picture overload =) 
Our front door, engagement photo shoot by Brandi at Brandi Lynn Design
here to see all the photos =)
Entry Way: 

Living Room: 

Desk/Bar Area {the nook}:

My new work bag as mentioned here.
Was a gift for my engagement from my fiancé's aunt
<3 it! 
Cartoon drawings of me & Charlie made by our friends Dara & Luke <3

The Kitchen:

The Bathroom/Hallway:

Love the red corner piece {got it for a steal too!}

The Bedroom:
New York, New York theme bedroom =)

Remember when I scored this post card here?
Yup I framed in, it is now above my jewelry box,
I hope to add the 
allofthebuildingsinnewyork to that wall soon =)
My night stand =)

It has been so much fun to shop and design our first apartment!

It is exactly what I wanted and I am so happy with the way it turned out! {you would be shocked at the deals we got too...}

What do you guys think? I am so excited to share it with you finally {we just celebrated our 2 months here}!
I love it <3


Caitlin Mauger said...

Miss Emma B,

Congratulations on your apartment and on your engagement. The place looks amazing, and glad to see you are doing so well. I love sign that says your new last name - established 2013. SO Cute. I'll be poking in from time to time to check up on ya :D

Caitlin Mauger

Mel said...

Your apartment is so colorful and eclectic. I am very Midwest-Modern-Chic, so I totally admire your more creative style! Very nice!


two birds said...

wow. nice work! i love it (LOVE your uo quilt!) where did you get your screen map? i have been looking all over for one!