Thursday, September 1, 2011

work, work, work {play, play, play}

Yesterday was a polo wearing day for my Philadelphia trip:
We ate lunch outside the Constitution Center.

 We toured the African American Museum.
 So interactive and we had a hip-hop tour which was really fun.
{pic from here}

We also toured the new National Museum of American Jewish History.

It was incredible to learn of the struggles of both of these groups throughout history and even present day.

Day before that was another polo wearing day for our Trenton Thunder baseball game:

Today was yet ANOTHER polo wearing day for our community service trip to Mercer Street Friends food back 
{what an incredible place! Definitely setting up some more volunteer opportunities there!}

In between these mandatory polo wearing I had to go ultra feminine yet still structured for work in between these adventures =)
fallen trees anyone? 
Hello Irene, welcome to New Jersey 

I am really starting to have a bracelet problem {or starting to admit it more like it}
Just got this zipper bracelet baby {the white one on the bottom} 
on etsy {from thehippychicksews}
Only $6!

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