Saturday, September 17, 2011

last saturday night

Get it... this is an outfit from last saturday {I was trying to rip off Katie Perry obviously!}

Have I ever mentioned that I love The Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Trenton? {ummm yes: all over here.}

Well we went last Saturday!
What I Wore: pink cropped blazer- Rescue Mission Thrift Store, stripped tank top- was my fiancé's, acid wash jeans- Lucky Brand {were like $14 bucks with an online sale!}, tan woven flats {have a bit of a wedge- Target {$6!} 
Accessories: black quilted bag- ALDO, leopard glasses, black garbage bag- full of new thrifted goodies =) {got a tweed jacket, ohh yeah! & picked up a special little something for my next give-a-way!!!!}

Lots of weekend fun ahead this weekend {went out to celebrate my big sister in my sororities birthday last night, going to visit my super special b-day present today {only one week left until the reveal!} & going home to see my Nonna & Nonna {grandparents} who have been in Italy for the last 3 months, then Sunday: going to NYC to meet the lovely people of Warby Parker!! So much fun ahead! 

What about you guys, what is your weekend plan?


ShanaEmily said...

Love this blazer Emma! umm and the wash of of those jeans...I'm gonna need those ....I love thrift stores haha

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Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Emma!

I agree with Shana - the blazer is fantastic.

I went to a flea market in France today and found the best stuff. Now I'm excited to go home so I can decorate my house. Isn't that a bad reason?

I have a fun Oktoberfest Themed beer stein giveaway going on if you'd like to sign up.


Jessica said...

I love the pink blazer and the flats!

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Shaista said...

The blazer is fantastic
i am pretty sure it will look pretty on me but thinking of getting it in yellow or lime green