Monday, September 19, 2011

nyc to meeting the Warby Parker team =)

I love New York City, 
I am honestly blessed to live so close {about an hour away}
driving in {we ended up going in "the back way" = Brooklyn because I can't use a GPS correctly:
but we got to pass Ground Zero & see the new tower being built:
pretty impressive =) 

Our first stop was: 

click on pic to go to their website
I was so excited to go see their showroom, meet their team & finally pick a pair {easier said then done with the last part}!
 I met with one of the team members, Brian, who reached out to me after this behind the.... Warby Parker's?!?! post.

We got to talk about their business model & the craziness that is the eyeglass industry monopoly. Read their story here.

Warby Parker is breaking this mold and disrupting that industry with Rx eyeglasses that are very high quality & that give back, all for $95! Doesn't get better people. 

Here are some pictures from my visit:

So many great glasses to choose from {took me over an hour...}
These were pretty much my final 4 {give or take a couple other pairs I kept adding...}

My final decision you ask?!?!

I wanted something with a different lens shape & fell in love with these {ordered them on the spot!} =)

What I Wore + accessories: eyeglasses- Warby Parker Sinclair in Midnight Bluepink cropped blazer- Rescue Mission Thrift Store {yes I wore this in my last post but don't be awkward- that outfit was from last week remember? I just love it haha} dark green tank- Banana Republic, patterned belt- Rescue Mission Thrift Store {a last saturday score}, Navajo patterned skirt {also warn here- one of my favorite articles of clothing}, grey stockings- Betsey Johnson via Rue La LaMinnetonka ankle boots from store in Denver, CO, Python woven bag- store in Xi' an, China {from my trip a couple years ago}, AMAZING double claw ring- Devorelebeaumonstre's store see close up of it {& the skirt} here.

To be honest, I think that the green pair from my 'final four' will be my next eyeglass purchase: 
Adorable & a great color!
They have three versions. See them 
It was a tough decision but I am so excited for the 
Can't wait until they get here!! 

We also ate at Eataly-- but that is for tomorrow =)