Friday, September 16, 2011

five faves for friday

I see other bloggers doing this "five for friday" post and I decided to join in on the fun, so here goes!

#1. I have a new obsession with this patent grey color: 
blog- say hello to my new favorite peep toe flats {Steve Madden via Ross for $16!} & my new favorite nail polish color {OPI "French Quarter for your Thoughts" from the "Touring America" Collection:
I got my nails done last week & had to get one of these sets for myself! {BTW: that is the face ring I was talking about the other day by AliciaLynnJewelry} 
My toes will be "My Address is Hollywood" as soon as it arrives =)
#2: Speaking of arrivals- guess what came in yesterday?!?!
My art from nicola via Etsy!
remember these:
Here they are on my walls!
 in the kitchen..

In the front entrance hallway...

I am so in love with them, they are perfect & make me smile every time I see them!
Love Love Love! 

#3: Sweet deal on Open Sky- {for those of who don't know what Open Sky is: it is like a mix between Twitter & Rue La La} I was hesitant to sign up but figured why not! {shopping addict talking...} so anyways like a lot of these shopping websites you get things called credits for inviting people or special promos, etc. By joining {I don't know if it was just the timing or not but...} they gave me $30 in credits to use! 

Bottom line: I bought this shirt for $1: 
If you read this blog, I wear a lot of patterns 
So I could def use a solid color tee {v-neck none the less!}
For $1! Originally it was like $30! Seriously?! {Get your invite here & get in on this!}

#4: Jewelry designer:  Kasia Piechocka reached out to me to check out her latest collection "About The Man Who Loved Fishing" & I love it!

Here are a few of my faves: 
#1: Single Fishbone Loop Pendant 
#2: large weight ring exclusive 
#3: fish head earrings {these are my favorite- I would totally rock these!} £130
#4: hook earrings {these are a close second favorite- if not tied!} £55
Very interesting and beautiful debut collection, check out the whole collection: here

#5: updated sponsorship with Shop Vantage Point Vintage:
They are offering: 
This weekend only! Get on that! 
Here are my picks from their store:

#1: 60's Hyde Park Pencil Skirt (L) {$49.89} here.
#2: 80's Wall Street Mini Dress (M) {$44.99}
#3: Designer 'Love' Moschino Belt (S-M) {$115.00} here.
#4: Bette Naud 'Reworked Vintage Button' Designer Gold Bracelet {$29.95} here.

Check out lots of others at Shop Vantage Point Vintage
Readers of behindtheleopardglasses get 10% off too!
What are you waiting for?!?!

well that concludes my five faves for friday,
let's do it again sometime. 


Sarah Grecco said...

I love OPI nail polish. I actually started painting my own nails.....I thought I'd be terrible but I'm not so bad.


Get Up & Go

nicola said...

Hey Emma
Thanks for posting about my drawings. I'm so glad you liked them and it's heartwarming to see them hung in your home :) Hopefully some new products coming soon, in time for christmas!
x nicola