Sunday, December 9, 2012

my holiday wish list

The puppies are in the Christmas spirit!

It was hard to make a Christmas list this year, there is not much that I want that I haven't bought myself... no self control = not much on the Christmas list.
Apart from the long term Wish/Shopping List, here are a few things I have had my eye on:
 leopard top- Old Navy {$20 + 15% off with "ONGIFT"}, leopard lined blouse- Gypsy Warrior {$34 + my discount}, leopard cap toe flats- Kate Spade "Terry" {$228}, or the orange spiked leopard flats- Piperlime Extra Credit {$89}

link bracelet- ily couture {$99 + 50% off from the TheMichelleMoney facebook page- fiancé ordered yesterday!! Merry Christmas to me!}, rose gold bracelet- Eye of Ja {$49 + coupon code from Gypsy Warrior party}, "Emma" clutch- Kate Spade {$325}, Stella & Dot necklaces- #1 Renegade Cluster Necklace {$64} & #2 Renegade Layering Necklace {$74} & want the silver bracelet too! {$64}, glitter belts- Madewell {$40 + 25% off with code "Cheers"}

What is on your wish list this year?

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