Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ever have those days when you wake up and think
"nothing is going to go right today"

That is how my day started when I received this wonderful message from good ol' Forever 21:
You apologize? 
For getting my hopes up?
For playing these mind games with me?

I am still hoping it gets delivered since it says on the website that it was shipped...
only time shall tell...

Anyways this is an outfit post from another failed day{s}
pretty much last weekend was a big fail.

Started with a nice "winter mix",
if it is not a school day mother nature is not allowed to give "winter mixes"
get it, got it?, good.

got better with a chocolate sprinkle donut...

 Then we attempted to go to the Beer Fest in Asbury Park...

While waiting we found that it was indeed sold out for the last 2 weeks... 

Ended up going to a local brewery instead...
What I Wore: glasses- c/o proopticals, necklace- gift from mother in law {Forever 21}, top- Loft {via Plato's Closet}, blazer- gift from mom {last year- Urban Outfitters}, pants- gift from mom {Burlington Coat Factory}, loafers- gift from sister {Target}  

On another note, 
I restarted my Masters program today.
Only 4 classes to go!
Taking one this semester...

busy/stressful day means all I want to do is go home & play with the pug:
What a good lookin' pug =)

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