Friday, January 6, 2012

fave for friday-- get in my closet!

I am currently obsessing over leopard print collared shirts. 
It is true I have a strong addiction to all things animal print-- but these hit me like a train this week & I gotta say, I am loving it {as much as one person could love being hit by a train}. 

All started with this top:
Introduced by a mail home from romwe and when I clicked on it going "Ohhhh" it was already sold out. "limited edition" = mean. 

But the Gods of leopard have been in my favor...
I have made an offer on this baby:
you can look but don't touch here.
Something about the tailored look with touches of leopard that make me want to squeal.
Then scream "GET IN MY CLOSET!"

You know the way to my heart.

Love always,

{the girl behind the leopard glasses & hopefully this denim & leopard top}

1 comment:

oomph said...

i love leopard, period! and for quite some time i have been wanting green skinny jeans to wear with my leopard the first blouse appeals to me!