Saturday, January 14, 2012


today I plunged into the depths of the Atlantic ocean at Manasquan Beach in New Jersey.
It was 20 degrees - water 40 degrees.

I am still defrosting as I write this post. 

This is what I saw when we got out of the car. ice. 
should have gotten back in the car...

 The gang. 
I don't know how my mom got everyone to sign up for this. 
But we all came out alive. 

 When I got out of the water they were playing "Amazing Grace" I thought I was at my own funeral. 

 Silvia {my youngest sister} & her reaction to the nearly naked man standing behind her.
funniest. moment. ever. caught on film.

 What a beautiful day!
.... to go swimming??

End result. frozen fingers.
but overall. survival = success.

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