Friday, January 13, 2012

faves for friday: shopping addiction

Recent purchases 

I ordered this pink popsicle bfriend bracelet, I have had one on my radar for a while,
of course I need to be a pain in the ass and get it specially ordered with an added tassel. 

Wow, Old Navy, I am impressed! 
As soon as I saw this sweater {thanks to a tweet by bonbonrosegirls!}, I knew it had to be mine. 
I needed an extra $10 for free shipping {which would have been $7.50}
then I could also use a $10 off coupon 
So I added the pink shirt above {which was $19} 
But the whole order ended up being $45-- pretty much a free pink "delayed" {idk that is my term for it not being all stripped} stripped shirt which I have also been looking for!
Other recent purchases/deliveries:

leather shorts & evil eye

Got my "Ho Ho Ho" sign & custom "barium" sign =) from TheElegantWall's etsy store.

Working on my Penguin Classic collection =) 
Ordered this baby too =) 
Couldn't help it, it is so me & my fiance
Gotta find the perfect frame now...

New birchbox
& got 3/4 of my new Zoya colors from the promo deal {waiting on the matte color "lolly"}

I need to put my budget back in place...
{ohh & I won the leopard & denim shirt from last weeks faves for friday #winning} 

Going to be an interesting {and freezing} weekend:
headed to my parents for the weekend
my boys =)

This is what I will be doing tomorrow.
Crazy. Yes. {it is 20 degrees here}
but for a good cause + mom organizing it? 
Gets my ass in the freezing water.

Consider this crossed off my "Bucket List"

What do you think of my new blog header/sidebar/background & amazing face lift?!?!?!
A HUGE thank you to blarglefargle! Rai, you are the best =)


I Just Gotta Get This Off My Chest said...

Hey Emma,
I just wanted to let you know that I love your new blog look!!! So cute; Barry is part of it too now!!


Emma Z said...

Thank you :) she did an amazing job! I love it!

Roots Out West said...

Love the facelift. So much shopping :) LOVE. I'm jealous of the Birchbox.

Rai said...

Tell your pug to STOP being so cute, he's making me want one even more! I'm so glad you're happy with your makeover, I'm sorry it took so long :)

- Rai

Soniamehra111 said...

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