Monday, January 23, 2012

first day!

Today was my first day student teaching 6th grade! 
Went pretty well, meeting 140+ people can be a little overwhelming...
Preplanning my outfit...
What I Wore: pink cardigan- thrifted, floral top & trouser pants- GAP, black flats- Forever 21
 Barry is not too happy about being up early & me leaving as you can tell...

 My fiance is the best, cute note & cap =)

 Jumped into my arms to fall asleep while I was drinking my cap =)

 pretty snowy morning

Look at my password. 
I guess that is one way to describe me...
took everything I had to not burst out laughing 

& this is what I come home to
the fiance cooking dinner and barry waiting {very patiently} to eat his dinner
told you he is the best. 

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