Wednesday, January 18, 2012

hump day- past weeks in pics

Now that I have joined the 21st century and have an iPhone/instagram 
{follow me: @emmabasilone} 
my pictures are in abundance {especially of my puppy}. 
So here goes:
 #1. Bowl I recently thrifted for my sister
#2. Our Wii family =)
#4. Mohawk envelopes {haha}
#5. Sushi date with sisters & mom @ Kotta Sushi in Belmar {delish!}

 #1. Love my overnight bag, got it at a flea market last year
#2. OPI "zom-body to love"- glow in the dark {little creepy come bed time...}
#4. the sky has been so beautiful these days #nofilter
#5. My idea of breakfast- Sausage & egg sandwiches & tequila sunrises

#1. Christmas lives on in Princeton! 
#2. Sun-Snow shower {day before I plunged into the Atlantic Ocean-- motivating. NOT}
#4 & #5- flowers from the fiance =)

 Best part of awkwardly arriving at the work meeting 1st when you are only a Grad Assistant? 
First dibs for breakfast =)

Nonna and Nonno takin' a nap... 

New "Asian Food" store- biggest grapefruit I have ever seen & a massive lobster.

 With my newest addition to my arm candy-- I have planted this paper at my work desk because my previous plant died tragically over Christmas break... Lets see how this goes-- so far = nothing. 

Charlie has started brewing his beer and growing shrooms {both were his Christmas presents} So far so good!

Now on to the Barry montage:

Think we are up to speed.

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