Thursday, January 12, 2012

fringe with benefits

I am loving my new shirt that I bought from mwvintage
{I have been stalking the fringe for a while now-- had to get it when it went to $9!} 
& say hello to my new mootsies tootsies, newly thrifted after a GED tutor session today at the Rescue Mission in Trenton {a whole $2-- paid in quarters = success!}

Now this is what I call fringe with benefits.
What I Wore: orange cardigan- H&M {thrifted}, black & white checkered fringe shirt- mwvintage, jeans- Seven {via hautelook}, pink fringe/beaded moccasins- mootsies tootsies {thrifted this morning from Rescue Mission in Trenton}. Glasses: tortoise "Tamara" glasses- c/0 proopticals

P.S. this is what barry is doing when I am awkwardly trying to take an outfit pic in the mirror.

& when I am trying to write this blog post:
{watch until the end. its climatic} 
enjoy =)

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Bekah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!! I definitely think this might be the best blog post title I have EVER read. Get it, girl.