Thursday, January 5, 2012

down girlllllll

I must say I enjoy the mohawk in both flavors {up & down}
Down I feel like its a pixi cut & I am digging it.

After I posted this picture on instagram my fiance asked me if I was wearing my engagement ring. 
I was like yes, you can see it in the picture. 
He said, "that is the wrong hand"
I had to remind him how mirrors work. 

 What I Wore: Glasses: Midnight Blue Sinclair warbyparker, scarf- gift from Nonna (she sowed it into an infinity for me!!), tan cardi- gift from mother-in-law for Christmas (via Urban Outfitters), black and white stripped shirt- J.Crew (thrifted), Seven jeans- via hautelook, Chanel ballet flats- gift from fiance for Christmas.

Rings: vine ring- AliciaLynnJewelry, aztec ring- Charlotte Russe
Nails- OPI Your Royal Shine-ness
Tweed jacket- GAP 

In other news-- my car is going into the shop today. Wouldn't start last night & I was late to work. There is also a puddle in the back seat & my blinker blinks like it is on roids. 

After I got my boss {embarrassing} to jump me so I could go to work, my time is 3 hours behind & my temperature is in degrees Celcius. I mean I knew VW was a German car but good god. 

Let's hope I can get it fixed for under $500-- there is so many other things I want with that kind of money. See my updated Wish / Shopping List ;-) for proof.

Send good car-karma my way... or #8 on my Wish / Shopping List ;-) {which I cannot afford at the moment} is closer then I can handle...


Meanz Chan said...

I love how it looks as a pixie cut! So cute :)

Emmabasilone said...

thank you =)

Bekah said...

Sending good car karma... but be sure to send some back! My car is still in the tow yard since my accident. Leave it to Geico, to take 3 weeks to get to my claim! BEST OF LUCK!