Thursday, January 19, 2012

copy cat.

It is true-- I take inspiration from everything. 
That is why I love blogging, I thought I was the only one who used to "shop" on people as they walk by.
Blogging makes it easier and lots less creepy. 

My direct inspiration for this outfit is [oomph]
I was so attracted to this out fit mainly because I have all the pieces and I could pull them out and instantly rock this look. 

So here is my take:
What I Wore: denim button up- hand me up from sister {GAP}, pink ruffle shirt- GAP, leopard belt- Betsey Johnson {via TJMaxx in Denver last year $3!}, pink pants- Forever 21, glitter shoes- AE for Payless {have TOMS wedges like oomph is wearing but my walk to work is less than glamous so no wedges for now}. leopard glasses- Jean LaFont 

& I had a photo shoot with barry:
#1 is barry as a french bulldog, 
#2 & #3 is me trying to get him to love me  
#4 is barry reaching his ultimate goal = nap time on my lap

such a cuddle bug. 


oomph said...

AWESOME!! i love the addition of your pink ruffles and that the leopard is still your glasses! isn't pink & blue so fun together?? enjoye the rest of your day!


Jess {The-In-Between} said...

Love it. I need to get pink pants...but first I must wear my red ones more. I am always people-watching and analyzing outfits. :)

rb3025 said...

french bulldog very cute