Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the end of the school year... shenanigans

My day started feeling like this:
{found this in the copy room in the teachers lounge,
I guess I am not the only one feeling like this with finals}

During my 7th period Honors Biology class today this message was left for me:
I was thinking, "Okay..."

& then my students proceeded to each hand me a post it note
while walking by my desk during hall duty...

Then they asked me to look at my car,

Yup, it happened
I was post-it note pranked. 

45 mintutes later and with help, over 100+ post it notes were taken off. 
Not including the 30 that are now in the grass & woods...
& the one that the fiancé found while opening the trunk to pack...

What I Wore: glasses- Rivet & Sway pink punchines, necklace- Rainy from Spike The Punch, top- LC Lauren Conrad for Khols, belt- JCrew, pants- Cynthia Rowley {via TJMaxx}, cardigan & flats- Target, bag- vintage thirfted Coach

Tomorrow is my last teaching day before finals start, 
this year has been crazy yet amazing. 
I am going to miss these students! {even though they are a pain!}
My first & only "Ms. Basilone" class since I will be married in August! 
It's been real.

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Tara said...

That is so funny!