Friday, July 27, 2012

faves for friday: mi casa updates

So I know that I have been saying I am going to share my Mexican purchases with you, well today is the day! 

Here are all my goodies!

I completely redid our bathroom from the previous Marilyn Monroe / Hello Kitty theme {see old bathroom here}. It is so much more grown up and a whole lot less pink:
This is my version on the cross wall from the house we stayed at in Mexico

I completed the transformation by a few purchases from Bed Bath & Beyond:

Other purchases from Mexico around the house:

My current skull collection! 

I also placed by found beach treasures around the house, instant summer decor:

In other home updates, I finally ordered & framed allthebuildingsinnewyork print from artist James Gulliver Hancock:
obsessed! Totally worth the wait and it really completes the bedroom.

Also ordered these pillow cases:

other additions {& finds}

 Have a happy & beautiful weekend =)


Tara said...

So cool...I especially love all of the skulls!

Jaclyn Reynolds said...

I adore your Mexican decor. I'm going to be doing something similar in our kitchen with thrift finds.