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I was recently contacted by boticca to write a little something about their site. 
Of course I was all about it. 
I am a huge fan of boticca They have amazing collections by designers all over the world!

View more of the collection on Boticca, from leather bracelets, to stylish messenger bags, and the selection of unique earrings for women

I also got the opportunity to ask their style hunters some questions:

How do you decide what artists are featured in your promotional materials like Facebook and emails?

We endeavour to promote all designers on Boticca, making sure that both designers that have been on Boticca for a while, and designers that have just joined, have their pieces and collections promoted to our social media audiences, email subscribers, and visitors to Boticca.  For example, each week in our newsletter we inform all our readers about new designers on Boticca, as well as the main things happening on the website that week, from features, to style-ideas, to sale pieces, and exclusive discounts. 

How do you categorize items into the "style ideas" on your site? 

Style ideas on Boticca look at current trends in fashion and give our take on how to incorporate these trends into your look with the right jewelry and accessories.  We often take simple, ready-to-wear looks from the catwalk and show just how with the right accessories, a plain outfit can be transformed with the right pieces.  With style ideas, it is not about forcing people into something that isn’t ‘them’, it’s about giving people inspiration. 

How do you decide what trends are up and coming? 

Members of the team, from PR, to style-hunting, to marketing, meet on a regular basis to discuss up-and-coming trends, and to decide on which trends are going to emerge as the dominant ones each season.  This way, we as style-hunters can use this information to inform our style-hunting process. That’s not to say that all our sourcing activities are trend-lead, as this is not in line with the Boticca ethos of finding a piece of jewelry or an accessory that is unique.

Does the style team travel to these designers to see their work? 

Yes, the style-hunting team travel 4-5 times a year, all over the world, to search for new designers and meet with them to view their collections.  This year, in addition to attending trade fairs in London, we have travelled to Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan, to meet with designers. There is no substitute for meeting with a designer in person in the surrounds of their workshop or studio. It’s fantastic to see a designer at work!

When you order an item from Boticca does it come right from the designer or from Boticca? 

The designer will send the piece directly to the customer but Boticca handles all customer service queries and information related to the transaction. So, we inform the designer they have made a sale and update the customer about their order, such as when it has been shipped and the tracking number of a piece. 

boticca is also running a new campaign:
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{plus how amazing is that antler clutch?!?! LOVE IT!} 

Round of applause! 
{loving these creepy hand earrings by Glenda Lopez}

Check out their hilarious video:

Overall beautiful site with amazing designers & items!

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