Sunday, July 15, 2012

home is where the heart is: mine is in Mexico

After leaving Playa De Carmen, Mexico we traveled more south to a secluded little bay...
I had heard that this house was beautiful but that did not prepare me for the incredible view/decor/beach/snorkeling that awaited us...

Truly breathtaking decor
There was not a detail overlooked in this house, perfectly decorated and comfortable

Notice the cross wall? 
Yes, that is the inspiration for my cross hunting & new wall in my house {post soon!}

the most stunning panoramic view of the bay from the top of our house

love the color of the neighboring pink house & the coral walls for their gate

 Not only did we get to stay in this incredible house but it is maintained by a couple who clean/cook/make amazing margaritas for you:

& three puppies that watch the property, so cute! 

The day we left there was a storm, Mexico was sad to see us go! 

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Samantha Ritzer said...

Wow, that truly is breath taking. The house looks beautiful and the color if that water... WOW!