Saturday, July 21, 2012

sweet as whole

If you have not already, listen to this song.

This outfit/post is titled this for a certain someone who made a certain gesture...
What I wore: tunic- Forever 21, tank- American Eagle- pants- Talbots, flats- thrifted, glasses- BonLook.

Oh in case you were wondering. No I am not "with child" in this photo. 
Yes, that happened. 
Some people are so nice, aren't they?
Intelligent too.


Meanz Chan said...

I love your top Emma! Seriously, so quirky and cute!

Astifa Kazmi said...

pretty and beautiful dress.
Parfum pas cher

Guest said...

Hey Emma! Check out my products on Etsy, I think you will love them!

Congrats on the teaching job!

Emma Z said...

Checked it out! Cute stuff!

Tara said...

What an adorable top!