Wednesday, July 18, 2012

back to the nerdy grind

I am a nerd. 
I admit it. 
Watching the big bang theory is helping me come to terms with my science nerdyness.

A couple of months ago I got to play with some bees & check out a hive:
I frequently get in touch with my inner nerd, and I feel like teaching 3 levels of science in September will be like science nerd overload.

More recently, the week following Mexico I had the exciting opportunity to work with NASA at the Liberty Science Center for a teaching professional development workshop

 loved seeing the NYC skyline every morning, 
not so much the 2 hour traffic filled commute...
We did all sorts of cool stuff like play with global microscopes (that little one costs 40K!)

The Liberty Science Center provided breakfast (I am going to miss those fresh fruit parfaits) & lunch everyday! I also bought a venus fly trap from the gift store {she isn't doing so well though...}

We made true vs false color images using filters and imageJ software

And we wrote lessons for our classrooms:
This figure shows the data for NYC for last month, my students will be in city teams to analyze the possible relationship between population and pollution. 

Anyways after Mexico, it was weird not putting on a bathing suit in the morning (& wearing makeup haha)
What I wore: blazer- Urban Outfitters, shirt- GAP, shorts- Ben Sherman via rue la la, belt- H&M, shoes- store in Mexico. Glasses- Warby Parker Midnight Blue Sinclairs. 

Also got myself this little charm bracelet
"You Have Arrived" 
my first conference as a real science teacher =)

Bye Bye NYC & Liberty Science Center,
until next time =)

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