Saturday, July 14, 2012

faves for friday: in Mexico time (aka a day late)

 not only is Mexico beautiful but the shopping is great!

 I loved this bathing suit but it was over $100/piece...
a little too much for my vacation budget

Skulls and crosses were my main prey...
I will show you my collection soon!

beautiful art too

& the fiancé got some cigars at an awesome cigar factory where people are rolling cigars fresh and there are wrappers drying on the ceiling, stinky but pretty interesting

& say hello to my toucan dress.
As soon as I saw this strangely printed dress, it needed to be mine. 
What I wore: toucan dress & Mayan calendar ring- store in Playa de Carmen, Mexico. shoes- payless, straw cross body bag- give-a-way win from Pulp Vintage via Delightfully-Tacky's blog, leopard glasses- Jean LaFont.

Speaking of shopping in Mexico, don't forget to enter my give-a-way!
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Samantha Ritzer said...

Hey girl!! I love that dress a lot =] I can't wait to see your collection!