Sunday, April 1, 2018

Part 2: Can you guess the holiday by the sweater?

Part 1 of "Can you guess the holiday by the sweater?" was St. Patricks Day...

Can you guess Part 2?

What I Wore: glasses- Glasseslit, lips- Loreal x Balmain "246 Confession Color Riche Peach Lipstick" purchased Duty Free in Beijing, top- Target, cardigan- ShopRetroGlam, pants- market in Thailand, flats- Marc by Marc Jacobs {via sample sale}, bag- Oscar de la Renta x Target from the Neiman Marcus holiday collection years ago

I mean I had to break out some Easter-themed clothing, 
last year I got to break out all three
& I loved how my Instagram feed looked: 

Love this chicken outfit that Charrrl_iie on Instagram
it is so good! 

Had to check out this BuzzFeed article with 30 Bunny themed items: 
Love / Need those bunny shoes now on sale for $30, I want the green ones though! 

Loved this bunny cotton ball holder too! 
So funny, cute and functional! 

Got to go to my parents for Easter and the Easter bunny came! 

I am so excited that I finally got a pair of yellow glasses!

I originally saw these on where.light's Instagram:
WhereLight's yellow pair is called "Heather" and are $30, 
but I saw them on Glasseslit {called "Lulu cat eye"} 
& they were on sale for $19 with anti reflective lenses

I love them! 

Speaking of Spectacular Sunday, 
I love these "Ramen Glasses" that Zenni Optical posted on Instagram
99% sure these are an April fool's joke, but if they are real, 
I am here for them.

*UPDATE* I saw the WArby's "April Fools" announcement 
and thought it was a fun play on brand names, 
but other than that I didn't think a lot about it

But when I saw this pair of "Angus" specs, I realized I kinda love them, 
are they weird?
A joke? 
Do I want them on my face?
Yes, yes I do. 

I also love these Lens Cloth Sandwich Set
such a fun idea!

So in case you were not already aware, 
I love weird patterns, now adding "meat" patterned glasses to that list...

Happy to spend the holiday with my family and pick up my fur babies!
They spent the last 10 days with my parents and kissing Nonna:

Arnold spent the vacation at my sister Silvia's apartment, 
what a model kitty! 

Now he is perched as part of our home decor

& this sleepy bull has assumed her position: 

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