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March Humble Beauty Opinion #52

Well hello there! 
Guess whose back, well yup it's me Emma Z! 
Thanks for coming back to BehindTheLeopardGlasses
I spend the last 10+ days exploring Thailand with my hubby, 
this was a surprise trip that I booked for him for to celebrate our 30th birthdays this year! 

Of course a trip recap is coming, 
but until I gather all my thoughts and catch up with some (lots) of school work, 
there will be pre-vacation blogging content.

It is the last Saturday of the month so lets chat some humble beauty opinions!

I was so excited about this month's Ipsy bag, it is so cute! 
Although the thought of coloring this beautiful bag is a little stressing to me... 
isn't that the opposite of what coloring is suppose to do?
IDK I just feel like I would ruin it and I love the pattern...

I loved the imagery with this month's bag! 

As far as the contents:
◦ I am pumped for another shade of a Mellow lipstick, I love this formula.
◦ The INT shadow is pretty but pretty generic, also this pan was not magnetic 
and hard to put into a Z-Palette, I thought that was the point of these shadows 
with flimsy packaging but guess not?
◦ I have yet to try the eye liner but I generally prefer liquid, 
◦ Was really excited to finally try a Glossier product, this balm is nice, I need to try more products
◦ The sparkly pink brush is so pretty, I don't know if I will use it but it is pretty to have on display
◦ I love the card it came with and posted it by my makeup vanity!

When I saw that Morphe had their empty magnetic palettes super on sale, 
I picked up a couple... a big one "ACC4" and a little one "ACC9"
I know, I know... I just redid my Z-Palettes...
but I moved all my "normal color" highlighters into the big one,
 and plan on (& did!) use the little one on vacation.

I also picked up the m522 brush, Kathleen Lights recommended it for Colourpop pot shadows, 
which I find those hard to use unless you use a finger,
 so I am excited to try them with this brush.

Kathleen Lights also recommended the B71 brush for brushing out clumpy mascara, 
I have been using this daily! 
Usually I don't need this when I am using my favorite mascaras, 
but I am trying to use up a couple I don't particularly like, and this has been so handy! 

Speaking of empty palettes:
 These Pixie Palettes from Devinah Cosmetics, currently on sale for $16,
are so pretty! 
May add one to my growing collection... 

A couple of my favorite nail polishes have become so thick and hard to use,
 so I have been looking at "thinning agents" & have heard decent things about "Nail Tek Extend"
I have had it in my Amazon cart for a couple of weeks,
 but I found it in person for cheaper at Manhattan Beauty Supply in NYC, 
so I got it but haven't tried it out yet- keep ya posted!

KL Polish released their spring "Ethereal Garden" collection
and I really want to get these two shades: 
#1: Charmed

#2: Selene

Will have to add those shades to my collection!

I loved this mani that Ipsy shared on instagram
some spring mani inspo!

Love this limited edition "Pisces" shade from Bite Beauty that dupethat shared on Instagram:

Everyone has been posting about the re-release of the Give Me Glow "Holo" highlight, 
my goodness does it look beautiful! 
Add this to my wishlist {currently sold out}

 Also love the color combo in this Give Me Glow "Staple Palette": 

especially the eye looks! 

& this month's empties: 
bath: BioRepublic "Green Tea Detox"- got this from Ipsy, love me a good face mask! / "Acne Mud" face mask from Thailand, I loved this! It really helped my face after I was breaking out from traveling. So good for about $1.50 / Revlon Colorsilk "Deep Burgundy" hair color- one of my all time faves! / Up & Up "Extra healing" moisturizer- I like this from Target, has a sweet smell that is not my favorite but I think this lotion works well and it is cheap / Up & Up "Skin Clearing body wash" in pink grapefruit- I did not like this. The scent was a weird sweet, but almost BO scent... will not purchase this scent again / Equate "Refreshing Apricot Scrub"- this is pretty good, still prefer the St Ives version though / Secret "Chill Ocean"- I love this smell, reminds me of when I was in high school... which is surprisingly comforting? / Old Spice "Swagger"- this is a hubby empty, I love this scent on him & had to share, it's a favorite! / philosophy "purity"- this face wash was nice, but I think a little too gentle for me... I need more oomph in my face wash I guess / Jergens "Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer"- I liked this initially but it did leave me with weird streaking and patching around my ankles and knees / Loreal "OleoTherapy" conditioner- this stuff was a life saver after some hotel shampoo left my hair really dried out / Schwarzkopf "Gliss Hair Repair"- I love how this smells, would purchase a full size / Soap & Glory "Flake Away" Body Polish- I loved this! I used this before the wet skin moisturizer and thought it would help prevent streaking but it couldn't help... would purchase though / Neutrogena hand cream- this is a nice cream but more gel than lotion / Skin Food Black Sugar Mask- I loved this! I used it more as an exfoliant than a mask though / fresh Rose Face Mask- I didn't really like this, it was okay / Dove "exfoliating body polish"- I loved this, I will get a full size / celavi makeup remover "pomegranate"- I get these from H-Mart, love them / Venus razor, I love these and have used them forever, need a replacement! 

 beautyOPI “Wipe-Off” nail polish remover wipes- these are pretty darn good! I wasn’t expecting them to work so well, not sure if I would purchase them but I have enjoyed using them / elf eyeshadow primer- at first I liked this but after a while I didn’t think it worked very well / Morphe Eyelid Primer- this sample held a surprising amount of product, I enjoyed this and thought it did a pretty good job / Jessie’s Girl green eyeliner-  I wanted to love this but they just dry out so fast and are patchy, not my favorite / Angel perfume by Mugler- love this, I have a big one of the Alien one but this one is also really nice / Harvey Prince sample, it was a green colored perfume from a very old Birchbox, I held on to this forever because I didn’t want to use it up but I loved it and wish I could find out what it was called and get a big bottle of it… / Chanel “Gabrielle”- loved this too! / Urban Decay “Failbate” lipgloss- I wish this sample came in a different packaging so it was easier to use, but it is nice / Revlon Photoready BB Cream- I used this to cut the cakey coverage of my foundation mixture down, it worked well / touch in SOL “Advanced Real Moisture” foundation- used this on vacation because of the SPF and it was perfect! Perfect amount of coverage and my face didn’t get burned / Verizon sunblock- got these in a company gift bag (it is a long story) but this is a pretty good sunblock, used it up on vacation! / Aquaphor- use this on the first couple of days with new tattoos or patches of skin that really need some moisture / CVS Cleaning Clothes- thy work well and are cheap

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