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Science of Style: FIT Orientation Day 1

I still can't believe that I got into the Fashion Business Management program
at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC!

Spring is around the corner and orientation has come and gone,
time to share a recap!

Day 1!

Got dropped off at Princeton to go into NYC for three days on my own!

I am so lucky to have so many supportive people in my life, like Brandi.
Brandi met up with me each morning to capture my Fashion School orientation outfits!

I was stressed out about this because I kept thinking, "how ironic is it that I am going to fashion school and can't even take pictures for my fashion blog"

Brandi works in NYC and came to the rescue!
She is also the girl boss behind & you should check out my interview with her
& took our wedding photos too!

 What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, lips- H&M "Cream Chestnut", necklace- BaubleBar, sweater- Ralph Lauren {thrifted}, blazer- Michael Kors {via Marshalls}, pants- Anthropologie, loafers- thrifted, bag- Stella McCartney {via Rachel Antonoff's closet sale on Refinery 29 in 2013}

I decided to stay at an Airbnb for the three days to not have to commute at 6 am everyday,
plus it was cheaper than taking the train,
That is how expensive NJ Transit is, almost $18 ONE WAY!

I stayed at the "Chelsea Retreat Room" which was an interfaith hostel,
right around the corner from FIT.
They use the profits from the Airbnb to provide hot meals for homeless people in NYC,
if you have time to help them do so, you can get an even lower price!
Next time I will definitely volunteer, this time was chock full of orientation meetings and events.

The hallways were skinny and long with little rooms on both sides

My room was teeny tiny,
one of the smallest rooms I have ever seen.
There was barely enough room for me to stand next to the bed

I really appreciated the mix of patterns.
Especially the zebras, I wanted to take those guys home!

The bed was a twin, where my feet touched the bottom when I slept,
and I am just over 5 foot...
With Jesus watching over you

Back to FIT for lots of meetings and events

One of the coolest things that we got to see and participate in during orientation was called
Dear World

Where people from all over the world write messages on their body
and take portraits to share a little bit of their story,
meant to provide a little insight, but really spark conversation and build relationships.

Check them out on Instagram:

Dear World from Dear World on Vimeo.

Watching the story and hearing one of the creators speak was amazing,
but actually getting to participate in it was so awesome.

I choose my message as "Science of Style", also the name for these FIT focused blog posts.
I have kicked the idea of Fashion School around in my head since I was about 13 years old.
I was never pushed into this field because I think sometimes people think that
this industry isn't "real" or "what kind of jobs are in that field" or "what are you going to do with that"
or "do you even need to go to school for that?!"

Instead I went with the encouraged "safe" option, studying science.
Then I continued to be guided into a "safe" profession of teaching science.
I have never felt happy or satisfied in my teaching career.
Don't get me wrong I love science, I love talking about cancer, diseases,
stem cells, developments, parasites.
And I love the actual teaching, the bonding with students, the relationships,
memories, the funny moments.

But there is something about the culture of teaching that I just can't get behind
and can't fit in while still being true and authentic to myself.
I don't like feeling out of place in the teacher's room, I don't like the side looks because I am wearing floral pants instead of a boring ass khaki outfit.
I like to let curse words slip, to talk naturally to my students, to treat them like PEOPLE.
These are kids who will go to college in the next couple of years
after being so safeguarded and monitored for the stupidest stuff.
"No headphones, no hats, no phones"-- don't even get me started on dress codes...
 these "rules" weren't realistic when I was a student,
and they really aren't now.

Believe me- I still get asked for my bathroom pass, and not nicely either.
This is not real life.

We create these images of teachers and hold them to this standard that gives the impression that they have never lived a day in their life, let alone have ANY fun or break ANY social norm.
Forget changing your hair color, forget tattoos, put on your button up and act like a robot.

What kind of expectations are these?

I hated high school for these same reasons,
when I started teaching I knew I would never "fit the mold",
but I was willing to roll with it, to be a different model,
I just can't do this forever.

So, for now I will study fashion at night, teach science during the day,
at least for a little while.

During my portrait session,
Jonah, one of the creators, asked me what I would tell the students
who are first time college freshman knowing what I know now.
I froze at the thought and couldn't come up with a good answer at the time.

Having thought about it I think I would say,
"You are already on the right track, if this is what you truly want to do with you life.
We are different than the generations before us, we don't just want settle into a job,
work and go home and eventually die.
We want meaning, we want to love our jobs. It is never too late to do what you want to do
with your life. Never forget that."

Now you know the story behind my "Dear World" portrait:

Another opportunity that we had was to see "Sex Signals" by Catharsis Productions,
this was marketed as an interactive workshop to explore and explain the concepts of beliefs, behaviors, and gender stereotypes related to dating and hooking up.

I was expecting it to be pretty dry presentation around the concept of consent,
especially since it is a huge issue on college campuses (and the world, lets be honest).
I wasn't sure if I should go to this because I am an old married lady,
but I am so happy I did.

Catharsis Productions did AN AMAZING job.
They were informative, funny, creative, relatable, and the discussion that resulted was insightful.
I loved it, this should be a discussion in every HIGH SCHOOL, let alone college.

A total bonus were these drink covers to cover your beverage
and prevent someone for slipping anything in your drink

I love being at FIT, there is inspiration everywhere.

Of course I checked out the FIT store!
Had to make a tough decision on one sweatshirt...
I went with the first one, although that Christmas one would be funnnn!

Got some school supplies and using my blogging pens from VistaPrint of course!

Lots free, some I purchased

I especially love this tote bag that I am using for classes,
HAD to add my Cutie LifeThe Pink Samurai

By the time I went to bed I was feeling like this:

Goodnight Jesus...

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