Saturday, February 25, 2017

Humble Beauty Opinion #39

I loved this journal that I found at Target,
seriously considered getting it since I write these Humble Beauty Opinion posts every month:

So here is what I would be writing about in my Humble Beauty Opinion Journal this month:

I finally caved and got the Shaanxo Pallete from BH Cosmetics,
I have been interested in it since it released, but honestly I've been backed up in my YouTube queue, and finally watched her swatch video and decided it was time to give it a try!

It is nice, I need more time to play with it but it is a great travel palette,
especially for me with that duo chrome red shade because you know,
that is my fave!

I have a major collection of these types of shades,
see them in my September 2016 Humble Beauty Opinion post!
 {P.S. This Kate Spade watch that my hubby got me for Valentine's Day is the best!}

Movin' Swatches:

When KL Polish announced that they did a restock I knew it was time!
I wanted wanted these since they released and was sad when I didn't initially pull the trigger 
and they sold out for months!
{Source: KL Polish on Instagram}

I specially had these three shades {Caramello, Brick Sidewalk, and Zoey}  in mind
and apparently I am not the only one:
{Source: KL Polish on Instagram via @saffronsnall}

THEN they announced a limited edition shade aptly named "Das Esspensive"
for Kathleen Light's birthday!
So it was definitely time to do this.

This collection is so beautiful!
{Source: KL Polish on Instagram}

They arrived yesterday and are even prettier in person!

ESPECAILLY Das Esspensive, man is this a beautiful glitter polish!
Can't wait to wear them all!
{On my nails now: Essie "Angora Cardi}

Another very exciting makeup adventure this month was my little shopping spree
from my NYC 3 day trip for FIT Orientation!
{See recaps here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3}
From my NYC trip:
I finally got Bite Beauty "Kale", found a green liner from Jessie's Girl
& Wet & Wild Pop Coloricon gloss in "Lilac Theater" at Rite Aid,
and L.A. Girl Pro bb cream- this stuff is GREAT! Totally worth the $5 price point!

I found the Wet n Wild "Catsuit" liquid lipsticks that I have been looking for everywhere!
I picked up: "Nudie Patootie", "Rebel Rose", "Berry Recognize"
& the liner "Bare to Comment"
I need more time will all of them but I have been wearing the liner a lot and loving it.

Ulta sent a $5 off $10 for Valentine's Day
and I knew I had to take advantage of this sales promotion
{look at that marketing speak coming out from my fashion classes}
I picked up: NYX Lip Lingerie in "Scandalous", Essence "Cool Nude" lipstick and nail art tool,
I have been loving this for fixing around the cuticles.

My Hello Kitty x ColourPop order arrived {I got "Bento Box & "School Bus"}
and I am in love + I got another "Milli" single shadow for free!
They are now 20% off, get them before they are gone!

Hello Pretty is right!

This month's Ipsy bag was awesome too!
I love Trust Fund Beauty, although the shade is not my favorite, these formulas are amazing.
My favorite product this month, surprisingly,
was the Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Milk exfoliator.
It leave my skin feeling so soft and clean. I really like it.
The NYX lipstick in "Life Guard" is such a good red too!
Killin' it Ipsy!

This month's Sephora Play has been lots of fun too!
I love the Bite Beauty One Stick in "Cashew", I have been using it many ways
and I am especially loving it as an eyeshadow, its beautiful!
The Tarte lip gloss in "Milkshake" is nice but man does it tingle!
Overall I am loving Sephora Play so far!

Time for this month's wishlish:

Colourpop put out more single shadows and they look so pretty!
I have been loving the ones I got last month!
{Source: ColourPop Cosmetics on Instagram}

I am so in love with this Loreal Beauty and the Beast collection that I saw on Clevver's Facebook.
I am not even a huge Beauty and the Beast or Disney fan but the packaging is totally amazing.
See for yourself:

But apparently this collection is only available for Italian Amazon customers,
but whyyyyyy I need these shades in my life, how pretty would they be all lined up?!

Finally an inside look at the Too Faced Peanut Butter x Honey palette,
I am interested in this, mainly for the Honey Bun shade:
{Source: Budget Beauty Guru on Instagram}

But it seems to be pretty similar to ColourPop "Paper Tiger",
so apparently I just love yellow eyeshadow?

This month's empties:
Bath Empties, from left to right in a circular pattern inwards: Tom's Deodorant- I'm sorry but I don't think this stuff works at all, this one is also expired now so good excuse to get rid of it / Dove Dry Shampoo- I heard such good stuff about this but it leaves such a white cast, weird smell and I don't like it / Rustic Lakehouse & Coastal Woods candles from Walmart- LOVE these, great price, great scents / Wood Craft candles from the dollar store- love these crackling candles, for $1 can't be beat {well maybe with the 90 cent candles from Primark...} / Garnier Nurtiesse Ultra Color in "Deepest Intense Burgundy"- great hair color and seems to be lasting really long this time, loving it! / Pears transparent soap- LOVE this, I also get this from the dollar store and it is a favorite! / US Favorite Bird's Nest Mask- I got this from an Asian grocery store and it is not a fave, it kinda burns and not in a good way / Celavi Cucumber mask- I got this from H-Mart and these are my favorites, for a little over $1 they are such a nice little treat! Picked up even more yesterday! / St. Ives Apricot Scrub- an all time favorite. Gets my skin clean and especially helps when my skin gets dry / Luseta Argan Oil Air Mask- this stuff was really nice and lasted a long time / Thann Aromatherapy Shampoo- love this scent, these are the last two that I had stockpiled / Dove Shampoo- I like this, I really like the oxygen one / Dove "dryioil moisture" body wash- I liked this too, the scent is nice / BWC facial cleanser- I thought this was okay, not anything amazing / honest face + body lotion- this was also just okay, I have not been blown away by any of the honest products I've tried / Avene micellar- this was okay, I used it like a toner and it seemed to do an okay job, wouldn't purchase the full size

Beauty & Candles: Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths- LOVE these, a must! / elf kabuki small brush- I loved this but it started falling apart, I repurchased but it doesn't seem to be as good =( / Vaseline Intensive Care lotion- I really like this, moisturizing and lightweight / Tory Burch "love relentlessly" perfume from last month's Sephora Play, I enjoyed this but not in the market for a new perfume / Apple Orchard candle from the dollar store- love this for $1, going to reuse that cute jar too! / Rustic Lakehouse- another empty one from Walmart and it is a good one! / Sandlewood candle from Primark- LOVE this scent and these candles are so cheap! / Pine Forest candle from Marshalls- a great scent for the holidays! / Loreal Voluminous Original mascara- I did not like this, it was clumpy and flaky, it hit a good point a few weeks into using it but then it dried out shortly after / elf Precicion liquid eyeliner- I hated this at first, it was flaky and didn't last but started to enjoy it later, the other elf liquid liners are better though (the more triangle shaped bottles) /

A great month for makeup!

What have you been loving this month?
Do you live in Italy and feel like sending me the Loreal x Beauty and the Beast collection?*
Let me know <3

*Disclamer, JK, but I do have a ton of family in Italy soooooooooo

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