Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NYC is my boyfriend and I am in LOVE

I am trying to make the most out of commuter life, 
mixing fashion homework with grading my science student's labs...

I loved this sign at FIT, "Make It Here, Make It Anywhere".
Perfect that this picture is totally blurry and in motion
 because it perfectly describes my life right now, certainly hustling

I was a little early for class so I got to check out the Style Shop on campus!
A student run boutique managed by The Merchandising Society for experience in buying, merchandising, customer service and everything involved with running a shop.

I loved the vintage section, especially this super soft cow print leather top:

I fell in love with these metal bracelets, because you know my obsession with arm candy...

I got the PERFECT bracelet, small nail ring,
and FIT hair band that the "I" is the Empire State Building!

The metal bracelet that I choose says, "New York Is My Boyfriend",
since I spent Valentine's Day in the city, and lots of my time these days,
it is perfect.

Time for class!
Where this message is quite haunting on the wall:

In my Intro to the Fashion Industry class we met with a Fashion Historian,
our historian was named Elizabeth and she was awesome.

We went though the History of Fashion with designer samples
from the 1890's to present day.

I honestly spent 3 hours in this class with my mouth open in AWE,
with the history, the pieces, the designers, the preservation, the relevance.
It was an incredible experience.

We started with the 1890's
and looked at a corset made of silk with wood, metal, and whale boning.
I had no idea that even pregnant woman wore corsets, a different shape but still a corset!
The top layers of the outfit would also contain boning
and they were suppose to take your waist in 2 inches.

Every moment you were out of bed you were in a corset,
 there were no bras so that was the only available support.

Women were also expected to "change for the time of day" and have multiple outfits,
a trend I could get behind, to be honest...
I do have a lot of clothes I would like to wear more often...

This "Sorbet" dress on the left in this picture was a woman "freed from the corset"
because it offered a different shape.
On the right is a reproduction of an oriental style dress that was popular in 1913:

In 1915 clothing was not as tight, the skirt was shortened
and there was an obvious WWI military inspiration in the suit on the left.
Although it is darker in color, the construction is lighter and more practical.

The dress on the right is a reproduction of a famous Chanel dress from 1925
{they have originals of these reproductions but they are fragile and preserved}.
It is straighter, shorter and shows a thinner more boyish "fashionable body".
This dress allows a larger range of motion and has "kinetic moments" for dancing!

This is the famous photo of Coco Chanel wearing a similar style:
{source- Huffington Post}

The dress on the right is from the 1920's before the Stock Marker crash,
full of sparkle, similar kinetic moments in the scalloped bottom.
Women were starting to embrace "artificiality" with makeup that looks like makeup.
The dress on the right is a dress from the 1930's that is longer and less embellished,
it has more stretch and softer.
It highlights the hourglass Hollywood "fashionable body" with high impact fabrics like velvet.

This is a Dior dress set from the 1950's and is Haute Couture
where it had to be made for you in Paris, mostly by hand.

This is a 2.55 Chanel handbag from the 1950's.
I couldn't believe that it is in such great condition, so much so that you could still carry this!
I also couldn't believe that Chanel started in 1910 and designed all the way until she died in 1971.
She closed her design house for WWII and lived off her 10% share of Chanel #5 perfume
in the Ritz Carleton in Paris. Talk about living large!
She came back because she did not like how Dior was running fashion.

There are no logos on the front of the original 2.55 bags,
only on the inside so that the woman carrying it knows

This is a classic Chanel suit. The metal and enamel buttons have lion heads because Coco was a leo.
The chain at the bottom of the blazer is meant to stabilize the jacket
and make sure it hangs right on the body.
The lining of the blazer and the blouse is made out of the same fabric.
The blouse is buttoned all the way up the back
because a woman who wore a Chanel suit "would have a mate to help her button her blouse"

The 1960's was focused around civil rights movement
and London became the epicenter for fashion with the emerging youth culture.

Then comes the 1970's...
This dress was surprisingly designed by Oscar de la Renta,
check out that pattern and polyester fabric.

Also in the 1970's street style and hippie subculture movements started.
There is also a "futuristic" space age influence with the space race

You can see the hippie culture in this piece that is more "DIY" and longer in length,
and quite honestly so beautiful!

This suit is the epitome of the 1980's made by Valentino, love the matching bag.

The 1980's also saw a reemergence of Chanel designed by Karl Lagerfeld.
Bigger logos, more emphasis on branding,
 bigger shoulders, because you know it is the 80s after all.

In the 1990's it was all about computer printing using digital technology

In 2013 this dress was made out of all male dress shirts, sustainability is all the rage {as it should be}

Incredibly eye opening and awesome, New York is definitely my boyfriend and it is true love.

This is due to Charlie saying "show off that tank top and your lady!"

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Faniel via 10/10 Optics, lips- Relvon "sultry", necklace- gift from hubby, tank- Anthropologie, tank {under}- Walmart, sweater- Old Navy, pants- Gap, booties- thrifted

Everyday at fashion school blows my mind.
I still can't believe there are people like me out there.
And classes for us!

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