Friday, February 17, 2017

Science of Style: FIT Orientation Day 3

Last day waking up in this peaceful hostel Airbnb

I am going to miss this breakfast bar,
especially the fresh fruit!

I love this building on FIT campus, it makes me smile

I decided to stop by Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company and I am so happy I did!


I had an everything bagel with lox and scallion cream cheese,
Seriously best bagel I've ever had.
A little too much cream cheese but it just made me want another bagel...

And I saw this little Frenchie,
with these little dyed feeties:

I was so excited to try milk bar!

I have heard lots of people talk about their "cereal milk" soft serve and had to try it!

WOAH, it was so strange!
It really did taste EXACTLY like the milk left at the bottom of a bowl of cereal:

Met up with Brandi in Times Square!

What I Wore: glasses- Faniel via 10/10 Optics, lips- H&M "Cream Chestnut", scarf- Target, cardigan- Old Navy, top- Primark, belt- Joyus, skirt- thrifted, stockings- JCrew, flats- boutique in Hong Kong, bag- Stella McCartney {via Rachel Antonoff's closet sale on Refinery 29 in 2013}

Thanks again Brandi for meeting up and taking my pictures!
You the 💣

I am so excited to find a Goodwill in NYC,
it is more expensive but I did find some good things:
like this plaid infinity scarf and red leather vest!

I also fell in love with these ASOS snake print shoes,
they are SO New York,
I had to take them back to Jersey...

These patriotic American Apparel shoes are SO CUTE and will be perfect for some themed dressing,
and you know I love that.

Stopped for some Ajisen Ramen for a late lunch

I loved this play on the vision chart,
"New Year New Vision"
{spotted at Westside Vision}

I went to the "Common Project Presentation" where students went on a scavenger hunt
and created projects with various items from campus,
I loved this group's take on the project, THAT SKIRT!

I went on the Pizza and UCB Theatre Discover NYC trip,
we went to the "best" pizza in NYC at NY Pizza Suprema,
I had an "upside down" piece, it was alright, not the best but good.

My first time going to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Chelsea location

So much comedy history in these venues!

Bye Chelsea Retreat Room,
you were so tiny, but comfy and perfect for what I needed!

NYC is all fun and games until you have to carry all your shit home...

Happy to be home 💗

Now the fun part... actual classes...

Let's do this!

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