Thursday, March 1, 2018

3 girls take Philly, mainly to attend a cat cafe...

Last week I was invited by my friends/coworkers Renee and Kelly
 to go to the Kawaii Kitty Cafe in Philly,
How can I say no to "catpuccino" and cuddling kitties? 
Spoiler Alert, I couldn't.

We made reservations and this place is so cute! 

This "catpuccino" is the cutest thing I have ever drank. 
+ it was tasty so that is the perfect combo!

Had to wear my kitty loafers for the occasion, 
I can't miss out on an opportunity to theme dress!

I sat next to this guy, 
he was so sleepy and so cute!
Apparently he was abused and his tail was pulled so it is just limp now =(

This kitty was so beautiful! 
They said he is from another country and some mix of exotic kitty

Once we left the Kawaii Kitty Cafe we walked around South Street 
& I fell in love with these Lungshan Temple booties from Bus Stop
 They are amazing, I love the detailing and the color.
Wish I had $300 to spare...

Next stop was The Strange and Unusual shop,
which was full of exactly that... 
the strangest of which was a still borne calf in a large jar.
These birds were creepy but awesome:

Had so much fun exploring South Street! 

 What I Wore: glasses- c/o Zenni Optical, lips- Maybelline "Clay Crush", top- Madewell, pants- thrifted {Talbots}, flats- c/o Chictopia points, bag- Louis Vuitton 

Thanks Renee for taking my 📸
even if you almost got hit by an angry lady in a car while doing so, 
resulting in this pic...

We stopped by Frozen Rolled Ice Cream
this is my first time having rolled ice cream, 
I went with the snickerdoodle flavor and it was DELICIOUS. 

They started by breaking apart snickerdoodle cookies 
& they make the ice cream right there. 
You also get to pick 3 toppings, I got: caramel, nutella, and strawberries.

I need to have it again real soon.

Can't wait for the next time we get to take on Philly!

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