Thursday, March 15, 2018

date night in Philly with my little chicken bird

A couple of weeks ago I went on a date night with my hubby in Philadelphia!

Our first stop was 2nd Story Brewing Co!

Charlie had the "My Better Hef" and loved it. 
I had the "Pier 53 Pale" which was pretty good, 
after those we shared the "Wakatoome" Double IPA, which we both did not enjoy. 
It was very malty and not what I was expecting. 

We explored more of Old City before our dinner reservation, 
I have never been to this part of the city before

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Faniel Eyewear, lips- Primark, dress & belt & stockings- vintage, flats- Hunter via Poshmark, jacket- Betsey Johnson, bag- vintage from my Zia

We stopped by Customs House Coffee for a quick coffee, 
pulled in by the quirky "anti-hipster" signage, but this place was so strange. 
& the coffee was terrible, so there is that. 
But my hubby is cute, so that is alway a bonus. 

We ate dinner at Han Dynasty,
I was blown away by the architecture of this building, it was so pretty!
& the food was spicy but delicious!

We had: Rabbit w/ peanuts in chili oil, scallion pancakes, Dan Dan Noodle,
Chicken Kung Pao Style, Bok Choy w/ Black Mushrooms
My favorites: Rabbit w/ peanuts in chili oil & Bok Choy w/ Black Mushrooms

Where Charlie tried to get me to eat more, even though I was full,
 and said, "come on eat some more my little chicken bird"
and I was like "whattttt"

We headed to Center City to see Shen Yun 5,000 Years of Civilization Reborn

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Shen Yun, we got these tickets as a Christmas gift.
We saw it at the Merriam Theater in Philly, 
1st of all- this theater has THE SMALLEST seats I have ever sat in,
 I am a smidge over 5 foot and I was uncomfortable, 
I can only imagine what the 6+ foot guy next to me was feeling...

Anyways, it was such an interesting show, 
lots of classical Chinese dance, 
music from the ancient instruments erhu and pipa, 
some opera {which was a little preachy and kinda felt like a cult...}
The coolest part was the integration between the digital background and the on stage performance, 
at first I was like "what is going on" 
but the characters would fly on the screen and then pop onto the stage seamlessly
It was pretty damn cool. 
& apparently patented?! {No. 9,468,860}

A fun date night with my little chicken bird. 

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