Friday, March 9, 2018

Faves for Friday :: Animal Bags!

I have been loving diet_prada on Instagram,
such interesting takes on trends, designer inspiration, and knockoffs. 
I fell in love with these leather elephant bags and even more with the story behind them

These are the "Coach animal knockoffs" that they referenced in that post 👆🏻
 {source: hey-woman}

No matter what the inspiration is, 
I am in love with these animal bags! 
These are from Loewe:
4- Mouse Charm Tan {$450}

Apart from my new animal bag obsession, 
I have some other faves on this Friday: 

I love the artist Andrew Myers and his art made of screws.

I just love the 3D texture of his pieces,
like this shirt in his piece called "Just Hanging Out":

Check out his art on his website or on his instagram

I also loved that the Girl Scouts that were selling cookies outside Vault
made a "beer pairing" list, 
so cute + such a good idea:
 I also had to upgrade my InSight Podcast Patreon subscription to get this skull + crossbones pin, 
could not resist. 

I love it!
Perfect next to my Jack sugar skull keychain above my vanity:

 Speaking of other podcasts, 
I am obsessed with these logo stickers from IWasJustSayingThat 

I am happy to have one and add it to my computer! 

I have also been following and loving Cheap Old Houses on Instagram,
such cute treasures!

I loled at this meme that my hubby Charlie sent me from heated on Instagram:

One of my coworkers Regan made me my first Bitmoji:

She is perfect! 

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