Monday, February 19, 2018

Humble Beauty Opinion Week :: A - Z Palette

This week I am sharing all things beauty, 
the perfect excuse for me to dig in and reorganize all my beauty products!

Today I am sharing the reorganization of all my Z Palettes
when I finally got my new one from Ricky's last month
it was time to go through them and organize them to make them more functional. 

I started by taking apart all of my palettes and started to organize them by color, 
it was all very overwhelming in the beginning...

Then it was time to place all the color groups into their new palettes:

Palette #1: Highlighters

Palette 2: Blushes, Highlighters, and Bronzers

Palette #3: Red, Golden, Pink, and Yellow Shadows

Palette #4: This is my "everyday" palette, shadows that I use frequently, 
and ones that I want to use more frequently. 

Palette #5: Browns & Neutrals 

Palette #6: Greens & my de-potted Hello Kitty palette that I got in 2014 & love a lot! 

All organized and ready to be used! 

I mean I am always looking for the next palette to fill up with goodies! 
This Makeup Geek one looks so fancy as 👀 on Marlenastell on Instagram
and I just found out that you can customize Z Palettes

I love this Hey Arnold one as 👀 on sarahmcsquared on Instagram 
& All That one as 👀 on zpalette on Instagram

Thinking about designing my own... 

Whatcha think?!
Do you have Z Palettes?
They are so convenient! 

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