Saturday, January 27, 2018

January Humble Beauty Opinion #50

This month's Humble Beauty definitely starts with the Minajesty set from Walgreens 
that I scored for $11 in the after Christmas sales, 
I just love the packaging of this perfume! 

I also decided to get both of the Target beauty boxes this month 
because they both looked so good:

I was so excited to try both lip products, the animal face mask and the Sleek palette, 
I have been loving all of them! 

The tiger mask was definitely a favorite! 
& kinda creepy...

But Arnold the tabby cat loved it, 
he was like, "Hey mom! We match!"

This month's ipsy was a good one too!
I love the eyeshadow and the contour palette, 
have yet to try the other products though:

I was really excited for this month's Sephora Play because I saw the Anastasia lip gloss and have been wanting to try those lip products for a while now, 
and I have been loving it! 
Still need to use the rest:

This month I also finally pulled the trigger and got the Lorac "Beauties Who Brunch" palette 
from Hautelook for $17,
I wanted this when it first came out & when I saw it for that price I knew it was time. 

I was also interested in the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Lip Duo in Sparrow,
but didn't get up getting it from Hautelook:

After Christmas I also ordered myself a new Z-Palette from Ricky's, 
I love this graffiti pattern 
& with a new palette I was finally able to organize all my single eyeshadows, 
I am going to do a whole dedicated post to that process in a Humble Beauty Week, 
coming in February! 

bought this graffiti one this year, 
I think I need to finish my collection with this City Scape night time one! 

I was between the city one and this camo version that I found on Amazon, 
may need this one too {eventually!}

I am also thinking about getting this Palette Organizer byAlegory on Amazon: 

I ran out of my Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray, 
and tried lots of other drug store versions, 
but it was time to get the real deal again from Ulta.
I love it! 
& I decided to finally pull the trigger and get the butter london Glazen Eye Gloss in "Oil Slick"
that I swatched months ago and fell in love with. 
I am loving it as well! 

I wore it in my "Oh Hey Monday" blogpost about a week ago:

I have been thinking about getting the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some New Lip Kit
after 👀 it on Glamourzen's Instagram:

I have also been thinking about the Balm's new Matt(e) Shmaker palette, 

I would be interested in trying these Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Multisticks, 
especially in "Peacock Pearl", 
there is just something about that type of shade that I can't get enough of!

 & this month's empties:
Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream- this stuff is super hydrating but almost in a medicinal way / hanalei Lip Treatment- this is also very hydrating, definitely needed in these cold months / Avene Cream- I have been loving this moisturizer, probably wouldn't purchase but it is nice / Clinique Pep-Start hydroblur moisturizer- I don't know if I like this stuff, I don't know if it does much of hydrobluring or moisturizing, I am confused by it / Becca "First Light Priming Filter"- this is a purple color and has a weird sweet smell that I couldn't put my finger on / Burberry sample perfume- I enjoyed this scent but it was easy to overdo / Hardcandy "Brows Now"- my favorite brow product, need to get a new one, it is just so easy and fast to use! / Duri Nail Growth System Rejuvacote- I am not sure if this actually works but I used it all up / Up & Up Strengthening nail polish remover from Target- a good basic nail polish remover- repurchased / OPI Wipe-Off- non acetone nail polish remover wipes, this did a surprisingly good job of removing polish  

Cozy Night- candle from Target- my favorite scent of all time! / Face Values Deep Penetrating Ultra Nourishing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer- I liked this and it was nice on the skin / The Righteous Butter Body Lotion- I liked this lotion but it was very scented and I think it ended up drying out my skin a little / Schwarzkopf Color Ultime in "5.22 Ruby Red"- I got this because it was on sale in Target and I am obsessed with this color! I need to see if they have more of these, it is a great color especially for  less than $5 / Pretty Animals by LookBeauty- From this month's Target beauty box, I loved it, it was so fun! / Loreal "Pure-Sugar Scrub/Exfoliant"- that I got c/o Influenster last month- I loved this, so sweet and a nice medium exfoliator, sad it is over, may have to purchase it for myself / Glam Glow "Brightmud Eye Treatment"- my first Glam Glow product, it was nice but kinda weird texture / Jane Carter Solution "healthy hair" Complex 4- I got to use this a few times and it was a little too heavy for my oil prone hair / Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultra Moisture Conditioner- a nice conditioner / Thann Aromatherapy Shampoo {x 3} I love this scent, makes me happy because it was the same line of products we used on our honeymoon / Milani lip oil in "06" I was enjoying this a lot until the packaging completely broke in my pocket at work and was so sticky and gross, I was sad to throw it out / batiste Dry Shampoo "Sassy & Darling Wild"- people love this stuff but I must say it is not my favorite dry shampoo. Left lots of white cast and I don't like the results, happy it is done.

So what beauty products are you loving this month? 
What did you finally use up? 
Do share! 

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