Sunday, January 21, 2018

Spectacular Sunday: Ronit Furst

I first fell in love with Ronit Furst at the 2017 Vision Expo
the animal print-ish designs and textured frames spoke to my heart! 

I love the clear textured line too! 
{I wish I could find these online but I can't}

I have been following Ronit Furst ever since 
& am obsessed with their playful designs and colorful combos! 

I love this Instagram campaign that they posted, 
I love the duality of color and clear! 

I had to share my top picks from this beautiful eyewear designer! 
1. #2323 in C9 - 👀 on their Instagram
2. #4626 in Z5A 
3. #2323 in G8Z / 4. #4626 in Z1
5. #4626 in SR2 / 6. #4626 in Z13
7. #5029 in 14A / 8. #2323 in 06
9. #5029 in 16 / 10. #2323 in 1A
11. #4626 in TZ / 12. #1558 in 10
13. #5029 in C4

With customizable options really the combinations are endless! 
{source: via Pinterest}

I love these fun glasses, I need to get my eyes behind a pair! 
{preferably those yellow textured beauties - #2323 in C9}

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