Friday, February 2, 2018

Faves for Friday: Belated Christmas Gifts & Other Loves

 For Christmas this year my sister Audrey came up with the super cute idea 
to get my mom a custom family portrait from HannahsIllustrations on Etsy,
it came out so cute! 
I love it! 

 Other faves on this Friday: 
This brain diagram with the memes lobe in the front is hilarious 
and accurate from boywithnojob on Instagram:

I also laughed out loud at this meme posted by fuckjerry on Instagram
another favorite is Stranger Things Season 2, I thought it was so good! 

Also loving Netflix's new series "The End of the F***ing World",
I thought it was so funny, dark and definitely worth a watch.

My favorite dialogue & line of the whole show is in Episode 3:
**Alyssa changing her mind about continuing a hook up**
"It's not fair"
"Uh, yes it is"
"Please Alyssa, I think you're amazing" 
"Well then respect me changing my mind and fuck off please"
** hair flip **

 I have also been watching "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story" on FX,
and find it interesting with great actors. 
The decor of the Versace Miami mansion is so breathtaking! 

Something that stood out to me while watching were the glasses on actor Darren Driss,
 who plays the serial killer Andrew Cunanan.
How in the hell do those stay on his face?! 

This is an oldie but a goodie
 that was brought up in one of my fashion classes last semester,
a 17 year old Gap return:

I absolutely love thepugqueen on Instagram
she is an amazing & inspiring pug rescuer in California 
who shares her love of pugs but also shares the very sad struggles and hard times of loss, 
reminding us that you get both as a pet owner/mom.

I love this post of the #FrontWindowPeanutGallery,
she is living the pug dream with all those cuddle bugs!

I mean my obsession with pugs is serious.
I think I need to make it official with a bed set like this.

 I have been loving all the bright colors and patterns on dusendusen's Instagram:

So there you have it, 
my faves on this Friday, 
& this picture of my grumpy bully Maggie is very accurate for how I am feeling...


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