Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"We're only tourists in this life" :: Phuket, Thailand Adventure Day 9

Day 9 Recap of our trip to Thailand for the Z's Turn 30!
{trip still available on Groupon- it is an amazing deal!}

We spent the last couple of days unwinding and relaxing at our hotel, Novotel
and exploring the local town and market. 

I love these little tables surrounded by water, they scream tropical vacation! 

Although the crickets were SO NOISY today,
I had to capture it on video to see if you could hear how loud they are:

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Zenni Optical, top & backpack- from Floating Market in Bangkok, shorts- thrifted, sandals- Forever 21, bathing suit- Mara Hoffman

No pool allowed after our Sak Yant tattoo experience,
but that doesn't mean we can't drink Mai Tais with our feet in the water! 

Our whole trip I was craving some rolled "fried" ice cream, and we found some by our hotel!

We had a vanilla banana and caramel one and it hit the spot! 

These bowing ladies were so cute in a local shop, but also a little creepy...
 and in my mind I can hear them all saying "Sawasdee Ka" in unison

I picked up up a couple more string bracelets, 
I love the red one that has beads that look like eyes

I also finally found a "party shirt" keychain that we will be using as a Christmas ornament, 
we have always picked up ornaments from our travels,
 but I had such a hard time finding one in Thailand.
 I mentioned it to Charlie and he said "They are mainly Buddhist here, 
Christmas is not really a thing." 
Oh yeah! That makes sense!

I caved and got myself a "Snail White" facial cream from 7/11.
Every time I saw this in store people were going crazy for it. 
So I did a little research and it has good reviews 
{and is also made from snail slime?!}
I must say, I have been enjoying it! 
Next time- bigger bottle! 

We had dinner at a local restaurant and Charlie had some Tom Yum: 

& I had to have another whole fish, 
these are so tasty! 

Still wish Charlie let me get these ridiculous fish sandals...

These lobsters looked so good but man where they pricy {like $50 USD}
food was so much cheaper in Bangkok, FYI. 
If I had known that while we were there I would have stuffed my face more, 
if that would even be possible. 

When you walk into town from the beach you can't help but notice this amazing sculpture:

It is part of a memorial for the 2004 Tsunami that ruined this area and caused massive loss of life

Walked by a fire dancer on the beach, this was crazy! 

I love this pyramid that someone made on the beach, 
it makes the beach look like the surface of the moon

On the walk back to our room we spotted this MASSIVE snail, 
used my shoe for size reference:

Thailand, you are one crazy beautiful place.

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