Monday, April 9, 2018

"We're only tourists in this life" :: Bangkok, Thailand Adventure Day 1

"Only tourists but the view is nice"
- David Byrne "Everybody's Coming to my House"

Of course already on 2018's Spotify Playlist!

At the end of March,
we embarked on an adventure to Thailand to celebrate Charlie turning 30!
I booked this trip as a surprise on Groupon for about $1,100 a person,
which included air, hotel, a domestic flight, tours, and breakfast everyday,
what a deal!

This trip is still available on Groupon,
**spoiler alert**
 I would highly recommend it!
Charlie picked me up from my Monday classes at FIT and we went directly to JFK

Before we knew it, since we slept for the majority of the flight,
 we were in Beijing, China!

Security in China is absurd, why do we have to go through the whole process again?!
We already went through it at JFK...
and they confiscated both of my external cell phone batteries
because "they were not labeled with the exact voltage" WTF.
So annoying.
But at least the orchids are pretty (+ real!) in the airport

+ I did a little duty free shopping and found the Loreal x Balmain lipsticks
& had a swatch party

I got two shades: "246 Confession" a peachy nude
 & "905 Instinct" a green with gold sparkle

When we landed in Bangkok we got picked up by our tour guide Audi from Affordable World 
in a huge party bus!

Got to our hotel, Pullman G and I was shocked at how nice it was,
it was so trendy and well decorated!

We started with a happy hour cocktail at the 25 degree restaurant attached to the lobby

So excited to get to be on this adventure with my hubby! 
We used to travel a lot and it felt good to explore and enjoy the world together again

 & went out on the town to explore!

We also hit the ground running with the Bangkok street food,
one of the main reasons I knew Charlie wanted to go to Thailand,
our first thing we tried was the green papaya salad:

It was so good!

Followed up the papaya salad with lots of kabobs from street venders:

& I had a Thai tea at every opportunity!

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Bellinger via 10/10 Optics, top- vintage, shorts- Anthropologie, sandals- Birkenstock {via Poshmark}, bag- Forever 21 {via Buffalo Exchange in NYC}

The shrimp fried rice and clams at this street vender was SO GOOD!
We even went back the next night for more!

Before going back to the hotel, we stopped by the closest 7-11
and I picked up this "Happy Water-Based Foundation",
I was excited to try this,
it is hydrating but not really a foundation,
but it was the perfect addition to my current foundation to make it a little less cakey

I also picked up this Nexcare box of bandaids? IDK, it's not in English
 but I needed something to help relieve a couple of massive breakouts
that occurred with over 24hrs of travel...

Stay tuned for lots more adventures in eating / shopping our way through Thailand! 

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