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April Humble Beauty Opinion #53

Last Saturday of the month = Humble Beauty Opinion!

I love this pie chart that beautycon shared on Instagram:

 I was excited the month when Influenster reached out to me
 to see if I wanted to try some new Lancome foundation! 

Even more excited when I saw that this Influenster x Lancome VoxBox was FULL of goodies! 

My thoughts so far:
• I like the Lancome "Skin Feels Good" foundation but the shade is too dark, 
maybe in the summer this will be perfection. 
May be a weird point but I like the way this foundation smells. 
•  Renergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Sunscreen is also nice
• Advanced Genifique concentrate also feels good on the skin
Lancome Prismatic Plump Lip Gloss in "06 Bare Glow"- I LOVE THIS, one of my favorite glosses, I love how it looks on the lips and the formula is great! 

Love the color shift in this Lancome Prismatic Plump Lip Gloss in "06 Bare Glow"

I like the print of this month's Ipsy bag but the products are just okay,
nothing really exciting this month:

 On the other hand, I am pretty excited about this month's Sephora Play,
Already know I enjoy the itCosmetics "Bye Bye Pores" Pressed Powder, 
Excited to try the Make Up For Ever Skin Tint, the Miu Miu perfume is nice, 
and I am loving the Urban Decay Hi-Fi Lipgloss in "SPL" 

Colourpop Cosmetics released new single shadows and I am intrigued, 
I love the ones I already have and these colors are so bright and beautiful! 

With these swatches from dupethat on instagram
I really want that dejaboo color! 

I am also excited that MakeupGeek is now going to be available at Target!!
I love MakeupGeek and I am happy that we can now shop in stores! 

I also want to check out these new eyeliners from Wet n Wild

This Rimmel liner looks so pretty too! 
I have never tried a Rimmel liner, it may be time! 

This glittery lipstick from this sponsored post from gerardcosmetics on Instagram 
looks so beautiful! I want to try it! 
This shade is "Hollywood Blvd":

This deep fuchsia/blue tone Revlon lipstick in Wild Orchid is so perfect for this time of year! 
I am going to have to get this shade! 
{source: Revlon on Instagram

I think I need to step up my selfie game with this elf "Glow On The Go Selfie Light"

Lots & lots of empties this month, 
including a bunch from our travels in Thailand:
Bangkok empties: Pullman G Hotel Body Lotion (x2) + Shampoo (x2) + Conditioner (x3) + Shower Gel- these products were not so great as far as hotel products go but I used the shampoos to clean all my makeup brushes and it felt so good to clean them and the hotel shampoo worked really well. / Co Bigelow Facial Soap- I liked this, it seemed to be a better quality than the other hotel products offered / Hard Candy Ombre Lipstick in "Practical"- I can't believe that I used this up, I love this lipstick / Crest 3D White tooth paste- perfect for travel, glad we brought a back up! / Colgate wisp mini-brush- I have had these forever, finally used them in Beijing in between flights to Thailand, so helpful and left me feeling a little better about the 24 hour journey / Hang Ten Classic Sport Sunscreen- a nice sunscreen it does smell but not in a classic sunscreen way / Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen- I liked this sunscreen too and it lasted forever but does leave a little white cast on the skin. / Watson's Ginseng face mask- I was so excited to use some face masks that I hauled on this trip to unwind while in Bangkok, this was a nice one too! 

 Phuket empties: Nexcare "Acne Patch"- I bought this at 7/11 in Bangkok mainly to treat a huge cyst zit that appeared to be making a permeant home on my chin. I used this as a night treatment, not sure it helped but it was an interesting product / Neturogena Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelette- this does a good job in removing makeup but I had issues with the waterproof mascara that I brought, without using coconut oil like I have been, mascara was continuing to build up on my lashes / bareMinerals Original powder foundation- I like this but I prefer liquid foundation / Soap from the Novotel- pretty basic as far as hotel soap goes / Watson Red Wine face mask- loved this one too, did have a red wine smell which was a little weird /  Pullman G Hotel Body Lotion (x2)- decent but nice to have on vacay  / Tresemme Extra Firm Control- pretty strong hair spray, I prefer more touchable texture but this is one of the only ones I could find in travel size / Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray- I giggled to have used this up in Thailand, I liked this product and the way it smells! / Verizon sunblock- I got these from a company party (long story) but these travel size sunscreens are so convenient and pretty decent sunscreens!  

Home empties: 
beauty: Up & Up eye makeup remover- a good Target version makeup remover, gets the job done for the most part / Pur~lisse Blue Lotus eye serum- this lasted forever and I enjoyed it. Not sure I would purchase it though / Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer- I didn't really like this, not enough primer, not moisturizing enough / Cover Fx "Moonlight" drops- I can't believe I used this up but I added it to my foundation to make it less matte and I loved it. Planning on repurposing this container for face oil
/ Bottega Veneta "Knot' perfume- I enjoyed this smell, I like trying out and using up different scents /  elf "warm bronzer"- I have had this for a while, it ended up getting a little hard so I scrapped the rest off into a loose powder container and used it up like that and think I prefer it that way actually / hey honey "trick or treat" cream concealer- I liked this, very creamy and a nice color / soft lips vanilla- this is a throwback, I have had this forever, a classic. 

bath: Dove white soap- a classic product in my household, You and I "Orange & Carrot"- I got this from 7/11 in Thailand, I love the way this smelled and the way it left my skin feeling, wish I stocked up! / Tresemme Mousse- I liked this but I feel like it didn't last, it still feels like there is a lot of product left in there but it won't come out / Loreal "Nutri-Gloss" conditioner- I enjoyed this / Fair Trade Shampoo  for Novotel- I really liked this shampoo, but they didn't provide any conditioner so that was a little weird. I wish they did because this shampoo was nice / Pullman G Hotel Shampoo (x3) + Shower Gel (x3) / Thann Body Wash- this is also from a hotel but the smell of these is amazing, some of my favorites! / Mary Kay "Satin Lips" exfoliator- I ended up using this all over my face and I enjoyed the way it left my skin / Lancome "Miel En Mousse"- I liked this face wash but it was quite gooy and hard to get out of the container but you only need a little bit / Meyer's Clean Day Body Wash- I liked the way this smelled but it this container is SO STIFF, it is impossible to squeeze, I need up using it in baths because I could not get it out in the shower / Honest hand soap- I used this to clean my makeup brushes and beauty blender, it works really well / Aloe Facial Mask from Watsons- so moisturizing and nice / Cucumber mask from natureby from H-Mart- love all of these / Feel Brilliant "Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask" (x2)- these are a little intimidating because they are a black face mask but I like the way they feel and make my skin look after / Milk Essence Mask Sheet- from Watson's I loved this one too! So moisturizing / Ole Henriksen "PowerBright" Step 1- I love these products, I would purchase if they weren't so expensive but they are so nice! / wet n wild "Under the Sheets" makeup remover sheets- I love these for the price, they do a nice job at removing my makeup after a long day, have already repurchased / celavi "Aloe Vera"- I get these from H-Mart and I like them a lot, will repurchase when I have the chance / Mahogany Driftwood candle from Walmart- I love this scent, such a great candle for less than $5 / Scentsy "Amazon Rain"- I get mine from my coworker/friend Renee- I loved this scent / Scentsy "Sea Salt and Avocado"- loved this scent too, I love that the samples that I got were in little heart shapes! / Revlon Colorsilk "Deep Burgundy"- a classic hair color for me. I did this one after the Garnier "Dark Intense Indigo" faded / Garnier "Dark Intense Indigo"- a great blue black color, I enjoyed it

What beauty products are on your wishlist/have you completely used up?!
Do share! 

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