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"I'm deep into the local cuisine" :: Thailand Day 4- A Chef's Tour Bangkok Street Food

Day 4 Recap of our trip to Thailand for the Z's Turn 30!
{trip still available on Groupon- it is an amazing deal!}

We have been eating our way though Bangkok, 
 but Day 4 was one for the books... 
& we were definitely "deep into the local cuisine" 
as David Byrne says in his "Doing the Right Thing" song:

We got up super early, partly on purpose, partly due to jet lag,
and went to our favorite street Silom 20 after learning that it opens at 3 am for locals! 

 I was amazed at how many different shops were open at this hour,
we found a super cute coffee shop! 

This coffee shop had the perfect cappuccino! 

Lots of fruit venders 

& awesome clothing! 

 Love all the patterns! 

I liked the waist band of these pants:

& giggled at the English on this shirt: 

 I loved this shirt with the polka dot embroidery but it was a little pricy:

So many Hawaiian shirts, 
I love that Thai people wear these for their new year festivities! 

I loved all the patterns of these button up shirts, 
this one had my name on it {literally}
but I ended up purchasing two other ones...

I loved these kitty print blouses:

I love that in between clothing booths you can get dried fish, 
my favorite part of shopping in Asia. 

Keep the Thai teas coming! 

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Zenni Optical, necklace- Hunt & Orchard, tank- Walmart, shorts- Anthropologie, sandals- Target, bag- Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange 

We took a break from our adventures and I got to check out all my spoils from the market!

I got all of these items from a booth for 200 Baht {about $6 USD}
what a score! 

I also got:
Two tops with the super fun prints for 500 Baht {about $16 USD}- I did not know they were that expensive, it got lost in translation but I love them anyways. 
Banana print dress & green fringe top for 350 Baht {about $12 USD}
Two tanks for 60 Baht {about $2 USD}
M loafers for 100 Bath {about $3 USD}

Unfortunately the banana dress and yellow top with lace sleeve don't fit me =(
So they are now for sale in my Poshmark closet

We went back out to do some more exploring! 

I had to check out Watsons for some amazing Asian beauty products!
This store is chock full of amazing products 

So many face masks! 

I took home a ton of products!
18 face masks:

I got two travel boxes because they were buy one get one
I also got some Siang Pure Oil, hopefully this does help with bug bites

I picked up a bunch of Ten Ten nail polishes, they were only like 38 Baht each, like a $1.50!
They are so good, I have been loving them! 

While walking around I also spotted these long shorts and had to pick out a pair,
I love the patterns! 

Can't wait to rock these this summer! 

I loved these little rolls that I got from a street food vender, 
most of them were really good! 

I loved these little pineapples, they were so tasty

I had to take a picture of this creepy bowing Ronald McDonald...

We went back to our hotel, 
the Pullman G is in such a good location in the city!

We had some beers at the 25 Degree bar attached to our hotel

  I can't believe they have Evil Twin here! 
It is hard for us to get this in NJ!

We headed out to the Chinatown gate to start ourBangkok Food Tour with The Chef's Tour

I did not know that this tour was 15 courses and would be over 5 hours!
I felt bad because the day before Charlie started to feel sick...
he definitely got some stomach bug.
I don't know from where since we shared everything but he was a champ
and tried to make the best out of our scheduled tour.

Our first stop was this super bitter Chinese drink,
it was way to bitter for me but I did make a point to try each stop

Our second stop was definitely off the beaten path, 
into an ally way in Chinatown

These flat noodles were so tasty! 

It was awesome to hear a little about the people behind the amazing food at each stop too, 
this lady has been cooking since she was 15 years old! 

Stop #3:

Our next stop was a snack of some fried beans of some sort,
weird consistency but great flavors! 

Stop 4: Chicken Satay, I was looking for this!

Stop 5: Lychee drink- this was so refreshing 

Stop 6: AMAZING guava slices with chili sugar to dip, these were so tasty! 

On our way to the next stop we walked through an ally that was full of paper products that the Chinese people burn at the temple for good luck,
 everything from paper flowers, shirts, cars, designer bags, etc. etc. 

Stop 7: pulled "Workers Noodles" cooked over a wood fire,
OMG this broth was incredible. 
One of the best things I've ever tasted!  

Stop 8: Kababs, I tried a liver one!

Stop 9: this curry place is so popular that they have no room for tables.
This place is run by a family and only as long as they have food left,
they sell out everyday! 

No wonder why, the curry was delicious! 

Time for a bathroom break with an amazing floor!

Stop 10: spring rolls, these were not my favorite and I was starting to get really full

We walked past a lot of places that were roasting chestnuts like this, 
I wish we got to taste these!

Stop 11: Black sesame ball with ginger soup, 
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this! 

Chinatown was like a whole other world from the different areas in Bangkok,
so much hustle and bustle and so many people!

Outside our next stop was this money tree,
with real money stapled on it.
Our tour guide said they donate it to the local temple. 

Stop 12: we had to wait a bit for a table at this place,
 but we had some awesome Tom Yum soup and prawns.
Felt really good to sit because by this time we had been walking and standing for a long time

Stop 13: some fresh donuts with sweet dipping sauce,
I loved these! 

Stop 14: we finished our tour with some mango sticky rice! 
God this stuff is so good! 
The mango is so ripe

I feel bad that my hubby didn't feel well since he planned this tour
but he was a trooper.

When we got back I went out to the Pat Pong Night Bazaar to get some souvenirs and gifts 

I picked up one of these bags, 
apparently a knock off from the designer Bao Bao Issey Miyake
although I did not know that. 
I love how they are like a gasoline color and glow are so bright with a flash! 
I am obsessed! 
These were pretty pricy at 1000 Baht, about $30 USD, 
but I am so happy I got one because I really like this bag! 
I also picked up this little Hello Kitty pouch, 
it is perfect for some travel products!

We definitely ate our way through Thailand,
especially with the The Chef's Tour "Bangkok Backstreet Food Tasting Tour"

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