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"We're only tourists in this life" :: SAK YANT in Phuket, Thailand Day 7

Day 7 Recap of our trip to Thailand for the Z's Turn 30!
{trip still available on Groupon- it is an amazing deal!}

I was a little anxious for today because we had a huge adventure planned for this night...
a traditional Sak Yant tattoo...
started the day with lots of fruit and juice like usual at our hotel Novotel

We hit the beach for some relaxation

We walked along the beach for a little and saw these signs, 
a little reminder of the horrifying tsunami that took place here in 2004

After the beach and pool I had a full body Thai massage scheduled at the hotel, 
my goodness was this amazing. 
The package I bought also had a full body scrub with a honey sesame oil 
which in itself was fantastic. 
The Thai massage was interesting, 
I was warned that sometimes it is painful with different stretches,
 but I really needed my back cracked and she did just that. 
Totally worth the 1000 Baht, or like $30 USD, 
{I would do this weekly if it cost that much in the US}

After my massage I met up with this bronzed babe...

& we had lunch at the hotel and I had some Pad Thai in this interesting egg nest:

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Lafont, top- Walmart, shorts- from market at Patong Beach, sandals- Target, bag- from Floating Market in Bangkok

Before coming to Thailand Charlie booked two additional tours through A Chef's Tour,
#1: "Bangkok Backstreet Food Tasting Tour" {see that blog post HERE}
#2: "Ink & Eat" Sak Yant Tour 

When we arrived at the Suwan Khiri Wong Temple in Patong
we met our tour guide from A Chef's Tour, Pema & she had beautiful flowers for me! 
Such a sweet touch and they smelled wonderful

We started our tour and headed to these dragon stairs in the back,
they were so detailed and amazing! 

Inside the temple Pema told us about Buddha and some of his teachings and their traditions

This monk statue was so realistic, I thought it was a human at first...

I loved how ornate everything was, and I love the colors! 

As soon as we got up the dragon stairs a dog came over to us and followed us everywhere,
he sat next to me in the temple and was so cute:

Pema took us out to dinner at a hillside restaurant called Poo Nurntong
everything we had was very good, and the view is breath taking.
 There was this little girl there who was playing with us, she was so cute! 

Over dinner Pema told us stories about the ajarn, the teacher we were going to see. 
He comes from a long line of healers and Pema told us stories about curing people of their evil eyes and giving protection with blessings. 
After we ate we drove to the ajarn's house and met with him to discuss our ideas

The ajarn was so nice and helpful in discussing different symbolism 
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I decided/was selected to go first...
I picked this lion and the ajarn agreed. 

This is not a flattering angle but I wanted to share this experience. 
This was BY FAR the most painful tattoo I have, 
almost immediately it hurt so much that I did not want to continue. 

He adds the prayers and blessings while he is tattooing

By the time he was done, I was exhausted. 
From the second we started I had a migraine. 
I felt like absolute shit after my tattoo, to be honest. 
Charlie went after me and I felt barely conscious.
We had a final blessing ceremony together after we were both done. 

Pema drove us home and I barely made it. 
As soon as I got out of the car, I walked through the hotel lobby 
and threw up in an outdoor garbage can for a good 5 mins straight. 
As soon as I was done, I stood up looked at my hubby and said, 
"Well, I think I just got rid of a demon." 
I have always had an evil eye that seems to follow me around. 
Pretty sure I threw it up in Thailand...

This is the one Charlie picked out with 8 blessings:

I thought it was so interesting that Thailand goes by the year of the Buddha, 
so it is actually the year 2561 

Thailand is a beautiful, crazy, magical place. 
Happy we got to take home some blessings.

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