Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Aside :: Hunter x Target Recap

I first shared my excitement for the Hunter x Target collection at the beginning of March

 While I was relaxing in Bangkok, the lookbook was released!

The yellow pieces were the first to catch my eye:

I also loved the design of these shorts Children's boots:

This khaki trench with orange details is so classic:

 I love the zipper detail and mesh on these shorts:

I thought the sleeve detail was interesting on both of these tops:

I have a classic pair of tall green hunter boots that I love,
 I was in love with the green pieces in the collection: 

I LOVE the bags!

My #1 item on my wishlist was the Large Backpack in Olive:

My surprise #2 item on my wishlist was this Deconstructed Sweatshirt
I LOVE the hemline! 

The night before the release Target posted this note on their website: 

I was really surprised that there was such a large oversight in this collaboration. 
I mean Hunter is KNOWN for their tall women's boots, 
and now they weren't going to be released as part of the collaboration?! 

The large boots weren't on my wishlist because like I said,
 I have a green pair of Hunters that I already wear and love.
So I got up nice and early and somehow was able to convince my mom to come with me...
We were 7th in line at 7:30 am at my mom's local Target in Ocean Township, NJ

I was surprised that the collection was so close to the front of the store, 
I was also surprised that there seemed to be a ton of merchandise: 

 We grabbed lots of the green bags to make decisions later, 
I thought the quality was so nice for the bags, 
I loved the orange liner and the quality of the white zippers were nice too! 

 After lots of grabbin' it was time to try on!

I love the trench! 
I got this in a size medium for reference: 

I also got the sweatshirt in a medium, the large was too oversized:

I was nervous about the "unisex" sizing of some pieces in this collection, 
this green coat is in a small, which is more flattering {especially with the side zippers}
but I tired on the silver one {the one without side zippers} 
and the small was way too tight along the bottom, so idk how these sizes work

This was the medium to see the difference: 

I loved the athletic shorts with yellow detailing and side zippers. 
I got them in a large because the drawer string helps make them a comfy fit. 

I also got the green backpack which I am so excited about, 
but I could not wait to wear the Deconstructed Sweatshirt:

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Glasseslit, lips- Smashbox "Disco Rose", top- Hunter x Target, pants- Seven Jeans, booties- Old Navy, bag- from market in Bangkok, Thailand 

I have been curious about the women's boots,
 and noticed this posting on the bottom on the Hunter x Target page:

So that is it? 
No tall women's boots? 
I understand how people feel betrayed, they over promised and underdelivered...
I wonder what went wrong... 
since I am in a Product Development class right now, 
these issues should have been addressed MONTHS ago, 
samples should have been okayed,
 and orders should have been monitored and tracked. 

Sorry to say but this aspect of this collaboration was definitely a failure...

Oh well, I love the pieces I did get {thanks mom!}, 
and that spring seems to finally be here!

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