Sunday, July 28, 2019

July Humble Beauty Opinion #68

based on the mini series from the podcast 99% Invisible
so instead of the last Saturday of the month my Humble Beauty Opinion 
is coming to you on a Sunday! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

Let's start with Ipsy!
I am loving the new "choice" feature on Ipsy where you get to select an item:

I picked the GlamGlow "Glowstarter" for this month's glam bag:
all in all this month's Ipsy glam bag was... ehhh... just okay.
I like the blush but it is similar to other colors I have recently gotten in Ipsy bags,
same with the nail polish I feel like we have gotten like three of these in the last couple months.
I wanted to love the Smashbox liquid lipstick in "babe alert",
 but it is not that comfortable or long lasting...

I know in last month's Humble Beauty Opinion post
 I had three Ipsy glam bags to share but apparently they expired!
I am sorry for this mix up but if you reached out to me and left your email I have it saved 
and will send one your way ASAP!

Charlie picked up the Trader Joe's "Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer" that I wanted to try after seeing it on @traderjoesadventure 🔛 Instagram 
& blogged about it in last month's HBO!
Completed my little Trader Joe's beauty collection that I love and use on the daily:
Rose Water Facial | Antioxidant Facial Serum
Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer | Coconut Body Butter

@traderjoesadventure 🔛 Instagram shares lots of great beauty finds from Trader Joes:

I also picked up a lot of basics that I have been trying to live without 
(spoiler alert- didn't work)

In that shopping excursion I finally picked up this Dickerson's toner 
not sure how I feel about it so far, but it is a lot less drying than my last toner:

Not a whole lot on my Monthly Makeup Wishlist this month,
I have been trying to rediscover my current collection and use products I already own 
because this meme shared by @slave2beauty 🔛 Instagram is sadly so so accurate:

But I do want to try these new polishes from the YouTuber @simplynailogical,
I love me some holographic!

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated 
 & all my humble opinions in between:
bath: Trader Joe's "Mango Tangerine" candle- these are amazing and this one is particularly nice! /  equate "makeup remover towelettes" x2- these are my favorite! / Up & Up jumbo cotton balls- I love the size of these, I get them from Target / Q-tips- a classic/staple / Dr. Bronner's "All-One Hemp Peppermint"- love these soaps, we get them from Trader Joe's / Revlon Colorsilk "Burgundy" x2- my fave hair dyes! / Revlon cuticle cutters- I loved these for a long time but the center metal piece broke and now they are way too hard to use / Purity face wash- as for the product it self it is very gentle and is pretty nice, not a fave though. I used this up a while ago but I love using this little bottle for traveling face wash because it is the perfect size and secure 

beauties: Secret "Paris Rose" deodorant- I like this deodorant it is one I have used for years / MDSolarSciences "Mineral Creme"- I got this as a sample from Vision Expo from their work with Zeiss, I loved this sunscreen, feels great on the skin, I think these products are some of my favorites! / Supergoop "Unseen Sunscreen"- I liked this sunscreen but it has a bit of a weird texture/feel on the skin / Supergoop "City Sunscreen" x2- got these samples and used them up in Tennessee and I liked them but this rip packet sample is such a hard way to try a product / OPI "Avoplex"- I loved this cuticle oil and am now using this container as a vehicle for other oils! / Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter- you already know I LOVE this stuff, my husband thinks a little too much since I go through about one a month... / Empty pan- this is from an old highlighter palette and I have been breaking them up to add to my lotion for a full body glow and I am loving it! / La Chatelaine "Coconut Milk" hand lotion from Ipsy- I thought I would like this more than I did but it was just okay. / Trader Joes "Rose Water Facial Toner"- I love this stuff and would have gotten a lot more uses out of it but I accidentally spilled it into my makeup drawer and I was so sad. But it is a great product! / Smooth & Perfect from Revlon- I love these facial shavers they are so good but they do get dull after a few months, I got another one from my Zia but it is not as sharp or effective / Marc Anthony hair oil- I had this forever but it has been nice when my hair has been feeling a little dry in the heat and sun / Urban Decay "Eyeshadow Primer Potion"- this is my favorite eyeshadow primer and my sisters got me this one for my birthday last year, lasted so long! I am going to try the Milani one because I have heard good things, we shall see / Skyn Iceland "Limited Edition Berry Lip Fix"- I did not like this stuff, has a weird numbing effect, I added the rest of it with a little salt and olive oil for a lip scrub to use it up / Dermalogica "barrier defense booster"- I like this face oil but it was hard to figure out what step in my routine it should be, I got it from Influenster and it was nice to try it out (I liked the lotion better) / Cinnamon Lip Balm- I have had this FOREVER and grew to really like it, a great chap stick and now I am sad it is done / Covergirl "Smoothers" in "Translucent Medium"- I have used these compacts for years and I keep this in my purse for touch ups, I think it is great and comes with its own poof, repurchased!

My coworker/friend Olivia tagged me in this @sarcasm_only 🔛 Instagram 
and it is SO RELATABLE:

My tired ass lipgloss is Smashbox "Disco Rose"
 in case you couldn't already tell by how much I wear it...
It's me I'm bitches.

Happy Humble Beauty Opinion, can't believe another month has gone by!

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