Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Articles of Interest : Kids' Clothes

We are continuing with my "Articles of Interest" from 99% Invisible inspo week.
Today's inspo is the episode "Kids' Clothes" 
{technically the first in this mini-series}

I love the way they introduce this series with this quote: 
"Fashion is just another word for the constant, inevitable shifts in popular taste. Garments, just like buildings and cars and movies, can’t help but reflect the circumstances of our moment in history. That’s what fashion is. Another way of telling time."

In this episode they interview Joe Rosenberg 
and he discusses how he has to wears kids clothing due to his condition 
called Spondelo Epithethele Disphasia.

I happen to enjoy lots of kids' clothing, 
for one: they are cheaper & sometimes the patterns are more fun too!
That was the case with this girl's top from the Victoria Beckham x Target collection:

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Coastal, lips- Maybelline "Petal Rebel", necklace- Julie Vos "Bee Delicate", top- Victoria Beckham x Target, pants- Who What Wear @ Target, sandals- girl's section at Target

"Clothes are records of the bodies we’ve lived in. Think of an old sweater that you used to have that’s just not your style anymore, or jeans that just aren’t your size anymore. We are like snakes who shed our skins and grow new ones as we age, And it all starts in the kids department." 

Speaking of children, 
I laughed out loud at this @overheartnewyork 🔛 Instagram post:

Sadly, so relatable.

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