Saturday, July 27, 2019

Articles of Interest : Pockets + Bonus

The last episodes of this weeks adventure into the Articles of Interest mini series 
in the podcast 99% Invisible is an important one... "POCKETS"! 

This meme after the German men's Olympic skater Paul Fentz's costume came complete 
with pockets is so accurate when you are wearing any article of clothing 
that has actual functioning pockets:

It is so true: women’s wear has pockets that are fake or only can hold a paper clip. 
I loved this quote, "Man’s great evolutionary advantage is the creation of tools. The problem is, we’re not marsupials, we need to carry them somehow. And this idea of who has access to the tools they need, who can walk through the world comfortably and securely; THIS is what we are talking about when we talk about pockets."

What I Wore: glasses- Zenni Optical, lips- Neutrogena "Radiant Rose", necklace- Hunt & Orchard, dress- Gap {thrifted}, shoes- Coach {thrifted} 

 This outfit is also perfect for the "Bonus Episode - Avery talks Articles of Interest"

In the bonus episode, Avery talks about how creating this series made her really think about the wasteful nature of clothing, especially in a time where fast fashion is the dominating outlet. 
I liked that they discussed buying second hand as a way to combat some of these consumption issues (fitting for this outfit too because this dress and shoes were thrifted!)

Avery also discusses how fashion and personal style is a really important form of self expression.
It was really interesting in this episode that Avery talked about 
wearing a uniform while creating this mini-series, how it became a fashion detox for her 
& when she got back her closet felt new and exciting.

I did feel like that after wearing all black all the time working at Vault Brewing, 
but now I am working in fashion and using my whole closet again!
& it is exciting!

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