Friday, July 12, 2019

"You're The Only Tenn I See" :: Day 5 Tennessee Road Trip {Breweries & Shopping!}

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Another early morning at the pool!
I have been reading "Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered" 
from the amazing ladies behind the podcast "My Favorite Murder"
& obviously I am LOVING it!

We headed to breakfast but stopped at Jackalope Brewing next door while we waited for a table

We had the "Lovebird" & a couple others beers (all were pretty good!)

I think everyone should have this "DO EPIC SHIT" frame on their wall:

I fell in love with this baseball tee with star sleeves  & took one home!

Our table was finally ready at Party Fowl (over an hour wait)

We really came for the "bloody mary meal" 
but they were sold out by the time our table was ready,
apparently they only make 12 a day?!
Loved the chicken lolly pops as a starter and we shared a whole chicken which was A LOT

After breakfast (now like a lunch), we headed to Antique Archaeology,
the store from the show "American Pickers"

This was my sister Silvia's #1 request on this trip 
& she was so happy we got to check it out!

One of the things I wanted to do on this trip was to see the "famous" wings 
that everyone takes pictures in front of in Nashville,
there was a MASSIVE line to actually take a pic but I snuck one in of just the mural:

This meme from @fuckjerry 🔛 Instagram is so freakin' funny: 

Nashville has SO many cool places to take pictures, 
I was interested in doing the "Instagram Tour" that I saw on Airbnb but figured we should wander around and explore on our own:

Across the street from Antique Archaeology 
we checked out this cute tiny shop: "Redemptive Artist"
& we got some Christmas tree ornaments & I got a cross for my cross wall collection!

I really wanted to check out the brick & mortar shop of the instagram shop {@toronashville}

After I got a super cute tropical shirt with leopards on it, 
we went a couple doors down to Tailgate Brewery for some brews

Loved the "Thicc" & "Rock Melon" brews, 
I think these were the best beers we had in Nashville!

We kept walking to check out Star Stuck Vintage Clothing,
such a massive selection!

Probs should have gotten this skirt 
& should have worn it with my boot print shirt that I wore Day 1 in Nashville!
PERFECT combo!

This HUGE mural of a hot air balloon with a basket at the bottom was so cool!

From there we headed to the Grand Ole Opry because everyone said we needed to go 
but unless you are seeing a show there, there isn't a lot to see/do

The gift shop was pretty cool though 
& they had the same denim jacket that I loved the day before 

We ended the night with some Hattie B's Hot Chicken,
I had to take some back to NJ for Charlie, that was the only thing he wanted as a souvenir  


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