Monday, July 22, 2019

Articles of Interest : Punk Style

When I was listening to the "Articles Of Interest" episodes on the podcast 99% Invisible 
I knew I had to dedicate a week to sharing some looks inspired by the episode topics 
and some fashion history I learned while listening.

Today's "Article of Interest" is "Punk Style"
I loved that they talked about the DIY nature of punk 
& taking possession of your own identity through style
This outfit was inspired by "Punk Style", 80's fashion + Stranger Things Season 3
with my shirt & pants being actual 80's hand-me-downs from my mom

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Allure Eyewear Kendall & Kylie "Joanna KKO145_210", lips- Maybelline Baby Lips "Coral Calling", necklace- Julie Vos "Cairo Delicate" {currently on sale during the sample sale!}, top & pants- hand-me-downs from my mom, shoes- Old Navy {girl's section}


The whole time I was watching this season I was thinking, "Please don’t tell me that the Gap is sleeping on a Stranger Things collab with the amazing 80s inspired items from season 3... I want them all, where are their product developers?!" 

The Gap plays a decent role in this season and I mean Eleven SHOPS there 
& wears their clothes throughout the whole season, 
how is this collaboration not a thing?!

Upon some research I did find some collabs 
and where to find some of the iconic 80's pieces in the series.
Apparently I am not the only one looking either based on the article "

The yellow aztec top is part of the Levis x Stranger Things collab 
but is obviously already sold out =(

they have the characters screen printed on:

 I think this romper may be my favorite item from the show, 
I mean neon colors + fun patterns = everything I love in 80's fashion!
Apparently it is FROM TARGET of all places, 
sold out online though =(
Hot Topic does have this pattern in a shirt, 
which may be more appealing that the dedication that wearing a romper entails. 

I also love this paint splattered top too, no word on where to find this top {yet}:

Loved these quotes from the "Punk Style" episode of 99% Invisible:
 “And this myth that it’s frivolous or unproductive to care about how you look 
or what you wear is completely bunk”
“Whether we like it or not we are all speaking with our clothes 
and we mine as well give a good hard think about what we want to say”

I had to laugh at this meme that my coworker/friend Olivia sent to me:

So funny (& true.)

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